A Communication Process can be Considered Complete when

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Updated on: October 17th, 2023

  1. the sender transmits the message
  2. the message enters the channel
  3. the message leaves the channel
  4. the receiver understands the message

A communication process can be considered complete when the receiver understands the message.

  • Communication: Interaction that happens through symbols is referred to as communication. The symbols can be verbal, gestural, pictural, plastic, or any other type of symbol that acts as a stimulus to behavior that would not be elicited by the symbol itself, given the unique circumstances of the respondent.
  • The transmitter (encoder) encodes the message and transmits it to the receiver (decoder) through a medium or channel. The receiver decodes the message, processes the information, and then sends the appropriate feedback or response via a medium or channel.
  • The communication process is finished when the recipient acknowledges to the sender that he has received and understood the message.

People exchange ideas, sentiments, facts, and other information through communication. A communication’s components include the receiver, channel, and decoding. The term “channel” describes the route taken by a communication from the sender to the receiver when it takes the form of encoded symbols. The encoded symbols need to be transformed before the receiver can understand the message. Decoding is the process of converting the encoded symbols. The individual who really receives the communication is referred to as the receiver.


A Communication Process can be Considered Complete when – the sender transmits the message, the message enters the channel, the message leaves the channel, the receiver understands the message

When the receiver understands the message, the communication process is considered to be complete.

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