Strongest Ligand is____

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

  1. CN
  2. Br
  3. OH
  4. F

Strongest Ligand is CN-. Due to having the largest value among the provided ligands, the CN- (negative) ligand is a strong field ligand.

Why CN- is Strongest Ligand

  • The amount of crystal field theory determines the potency of any ligand (CFT).
  • According to crystal field theory, the orientation of a transition metal cation’s d orbitals inside a coordinating set of anions, commonly known as ligands, results in a net change in crystal energy.
  • A strong ligand is one that, when possible, forms low spin complexes with metal ions and produces a strong crystal or ligand electrical field.
  • Less splitting of the crystal fields is caused by weak field ligands. High spin compounds are created by them.
  • Examples are the ions fluoride and chloride.
  • The crystal field splits more readily when there are strong field ligands.
  • A list of ligands arranged according to ligand strength and a list of metal ions arranged according to oxidation number, group, and identity make up a spectrochemical series.
  • The ligand-field splitting parameter for ligands or the crystal-field splitting parameter, which is mostly represented in variations in the color of comparable metal-ligand complexes, is modified by ligands in the crystal field theory.
  • The ligands arrayed on the left end of this spectrochemical series are typically thought to be weaker ligands because they cannot forcibly couple electrons at the 3d level, leading to the formation of high spin outer orbital octahedral complexes.


Strongest Ligand is____ 1. CN- 2. Br- 3. OH- 4. F-

CN- is the strongest ligand which has the highest value among the available ligands and is a strong field ligand.

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