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Which of the following is not a part of the Steam Power Plant?

  • 1.Switchyard
  • 2.Ash precipitators
  • 3.Draught fan
  • 4.Surge Chamber
Correct Answer
Option 4:Surge Chamber

Surge Chamber is not a part of the steam power plant. A steam turbine power plant has a boiler, steam turbine, condenser, generator, superheater, economizer, reheater, etc.

Parts of the Steam Power Plant

A steam turbine power plant has the following main parts:

Boiler: Boilers are enclosed vessels that use heat to evaporate or produce steam from liquids like water. Afterward, heat is transferred by circulating steam or hot water through a piping system for various functions, including heating, power generation, and others.

Steam turbine: A steam turbine operates by heating water to incredibly high temperatures until it is transformed into steam using a heat source (gas, coal, nuclear, or solar energy). That steam expands and cools as it passes by the turning turbine blades.

Condenser: A condenser is a cooling system. Condensers often referred to as heat rejectors, are used in refrigeration systems and power plants to condense refrigerant vapors or steam. Actually, it converts a subcooled liquid from a superheated and highly pressured vapor.

Generator: An apparatus that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy is a generator. When you are not plugged into the electrical grid, it powers your electronics and appliances. Generators are essential safety equipment when there is a power outage or a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or a snowfall.

Superheater: The superheater heats steam over its saturation temperature for a specific boiler pressure. Steam and hot combustion gases are located on opposite sides of superheater tubes. Compared to the boiler tubes, the surface temperatures are higher here.

Economizer: Economizers are heat exchangers that move heat from one medium—typically the boiler feedwater—to another. Other streams, including make-up water, may sometimes occasionally be employed.

Reheater: The boiler's reheater is used to reheat the steam produced from the steam turbine's first stage.

Coal and ash handling plant: A thermal power plant's ash management system or ash handling plant is used to cool the ash to a controllable temperature before transferring it to a storage facility or disposal location that is subsequently utilized in other industries.

Draught fan: Forced draught fans' main job is to supply air for combustion in steam boilers. A boiler's combustion chamber is manually inflated by FD Fans. Fluidized bed combustion is one of the most popular methods for producing greater energy during the combustion of solid fuels.

Electrical switchyard: The principal connection between the generating station and the transmission system is the switching station known as the switchyard. The transmission and reception of the generated power by the customers are sometimes referred to as the "heart" of the power plant.

According to the available options, a surge tank or surge chamber is not a component of a steam power plant. A component of the Hydropower plant, it. A surge chamber serves as water storage and is used to make up for pressure changes.


Which of the following is not a part of the Steam Power Plant?

Surge Chamber is not a part of the steam power plant. A steam turbine power plant contains a steam turbine, boiler, condenser, superheater, generator, reheater, economizer, etc.

Which of the following is not a part of the Steam Power Plant?


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