Which One of The Following is NOT a Storage Devices?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Modem is not a storage device it converts an analog stream into digital data to connect to the internet. A router enables several devices to access the internet using a single physical connection. A modulator Demodulator is referred to as a modem. An electrical device that modulates outgoing carrier waves to encode information for transmission and demodulates incoming carrier waves to decode the information they contain is used to access the Internet.

A modem is a crucial component of network infrastructure for a computer to send and receive data through a cable or phone line. Simply put, the mechanism links a computer to the Internet. A modem is a device that modulates signals that encode information and demodulates signals that retrieve it. 

Difference Between Modem and Router

  • It should be noted that a basic modem won’t function if you want to connect to the Internet wirelessly or connect several devices to the same network. One will then require a different gadget known as a router.
  • The word “router” is used frequently in discussions about broadband. In essence, a router, also known as a “WiFi router”, is a device that enables you to connect several devices to the Internet using a single physical Internet connection.
  • A router enables local network communication between the connected devices. Additionally, preventing the individual devices connected to it from being immediately exposed to the Internet provides some protection for those devices.
  • A standard modem should be plenty if you simply wish to utilize the Internet on one device. One will need a modem and a router, where the modem will bring the Internet to your home, and the router will allow numerous devices to connect to it if one wants to use a messaging app on your phone or tablet in addition to connecting your laptop to the Internet for work.


Which One of The Following is NOT a Storage Devices?

A storage device is not a modem. Modulator-demodulator is referred to as a modem. Electrical signals transmitted across phone lines, coaxial cables, or other types of wiring are modulated and demodulated by a modem. The modem converts signals from your ISP into signals that can be used by your local devices and the other way around. A modem is a critical component of network gear that enables a computer to transmit and receive data across a cable or phone. It is, in a nutshell, the hardware that links a computer to the Internet. Modulator and demodulator, two separate words, are combined to form the phrase modem. The term modem refers to a device that modulates and demodulates signals to encode and retrieve information. To begin with, modulation is a technique used to amplify a carrier wave with helpful information to send it across long distances.

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