Which of the following is an Extremely Fast, Small Memory Between CPU and Main Memory?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

A) Main RAM and ROM

B) Cache memory

C) Secondary memory

D) None of the above

The small, extremely fast ram’s are called Cache Memory. A chip-based computer component called cache memory effectively fetches data from the computer’s memory. It serves as a short-term storage space from which the computer’s processor may quickly extract data. It is employed in both reading and writing. The term “cache” refers to this region of temporary storage. The CPU can access it more quickly than the computer’s main memory, which is often DRAM. Between the CPU and RAM, cache memory serves as a buffer.

The Small Extremely Fast Ram is Called

Cache memory is the small, extremely fast ram. Three types of cache memory have been categorized as ‘levels.’ L1, L2, and L3 are the three types of cache memories. The levels symbolize the accessibility and closeness to the microprocessor.

  • L1 Cache: This cache is a CPU cache embedded in the processor chip. These are small and extremely fast caches.
  • L2 Cache: It can be on a separate chip or coprocessor with a high-speed alternative system bus connecting the cache and CPU.
  • L3 Cache: This Cache is specialized memory developed to improve the performance of L1 and L2 Cache.

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