Rotatory Compressors are Used for Delivering:

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

A) Small quantities of air at high pressure

B) Large quantities of air at high pressure

C) Small quantities of air at low pressure

D) Large quantities of air at low pressure

Rotatory Compressors deliver large quantities of air at low pressure. These are considered to be the subset of positive displacement machines. These have several features in common, despite differences in construction. The physical design of rotary compressors varies widely. There are single as well as multiple-rotor construction used in it. If you compare it with the reciprocating compressors, the rotary compressors include the following features:

  • Lightweight.
  • No heavy foundations are required.
  • They experience less vibration.

Rotatory Compressors Delivery:

Plant air, vacuum suction conditions services, Freon and ammonia refrigeration, and wet services are a few of the specialized services provided by rotary compressors. The other types of compressors cover the bulk of usage. Rotary compressors have higher efficiency than axial and centrifugal ones. They are less than reciprocating, though. Speed control is the most apparent method of regulating the capacity of rotary compressors. But they often have motors that keep their speed constant.

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