Self Generating Transducers are: A) Active B) Passive C) Secondary D) Inverse

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Active transducers are naturally self-generating. An electrical device that operates to change energy from one form to another is referred to as a transducer. Transduction is the process through which one kind of energy is transformed into another. Transducers include devices like thermometers, microphones, LEDs, and loudspeakers.

Transducers’ main purpose is to transform a physical force into an electrical signal so the transmission can be handled and measured easily.

The Following Transducer is Also Called a Self-generating Transducer:

Active transducers, also called self-generating transducers, work on the energy conversion principle. Thermocouples, Photovoltaic, and Piezoelectric are types of active transducers.

Types of Transducers:

There are usually two types of transducers, as mentioned below-

  • Input Transducer
  • Output Transducer

The sensor that absorbs physical energy and transforms it into a discernible electrical signal is sometimes called an input transducer. A microphone, for instance, transforms actual sound waves into an electrical signal that is easily sent through cables.

An output transducer, commonly referred to as an actuator, transforms electrical impulses into different types of energy. Using a lamp as an illustration, electricity may be transformed into a motor, a light source, and motion.

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