The SI unit of Heat is A) Joule B) erg C) Calorie D) Watt

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Joule is the SI unit of heat. As a kind of energy, heat has a corresponding SI unit called joules (J). The heart is the energy needed to raise a particular mass’s temperature by one degree. Heat is a type of energy. Thus, this is important to note. It normally takes 4.184 joules of heat energy per unit of water weight (say 1 g) to attain a temperature of 1 degree Celsius. Kilocalorie (kcal) is occasionally used to denote a unit of heat, with 1 kcal equaling 1000 calories.

What is the SI unit of Heat?

The Joule is the SI unit for heat. The term joule refers to the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of a particular body (mass) by a unit or by one degree. To increase the temperature of a unit weight of water by a unit degree, 4.184 joules of energy (heat) are needed. The definition of heat is the movement of energy from a body having a higher temperature to a body with a lower temperature.

Important Points of SI Unit of Heat: 

Other common units for the heat are given below:

  • BHU: British thermal units, or BTUs. It is the energy needed to raise a pound of water’s temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level.
    1 BTU = 1055.06 J = 2.931 x 10-4 kWh = 0.252 kcal = 778.16 ft lbf = 1.055 x 1010 ergs = 252 cal = 0.293 watt-hours.
  • Calorie: the energy needed to heat one gram of water by 10 degrees Celsius.
    1 kcal = 4186.8 J = 426.9 kp m = 1.163 x 10-3 kWh = 3.088 ft lbf = 3.9683 BTU = 1000 cal
  • Joule: The SI unit for heat is the joule.
    1 J = 0.1020 kpm = 2.778 x 10-7 kcal = 0.7376 ft-lb = 1 kg m2 / s2 = 1 watt second = 1 Nm = 9.478 x 10-4 BTU

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