Which one of the following is NOT a Renewable Source of Energy? A) Wind B) Sunlight C) Nuclear Minerals D) Biofuels

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Nuclear Minerals are not a renewable source of energy. Non-renewable energy, such as coal and fossil fuels, takes millions of years to regenerate. Renewable energy sources are replenished or renewed over time. These energy sources regenerate quickly. Biogas, wind, natural gas, and sunlight are a few examples. Renewable energy is generated by energy sources such as solar and wind, which never run out of energy.

Non-Renewable Sources of Energy

Here are some examples of non-renewable sources of energy, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Coal – Coal is a non-renewable source of energy. It is a reliable source of energy that is useful in summers and winters to get electricity and fuel; however, extraction is considered one of the most dangerous jobs as the extraction workers are exposed to dust and harmful explosions.
  • Petroleum – Petroleum is another example of a non-renewable source of energy which is considered liquid fossil and also called crude oil. Oil extraction is one of the most inexpensive tasks with a valuable asset. It contains a lot of importance for us to rely on. However, burning petroleum harms our environment greatly and is very dangerous for all of us.
  • Nuclear fuels – Nuclear power generates about 6% of global energy and 13-14% of global electricity. Because nuclear energy relies on unstable elements, it is associated with potentially dangerous radioactive contamination.
  • Earth minerals and metal ores – Non-renewable resources examples are metal ores and earth minerals. The metals are naturally abundant throughout the crust of the Earth, and humans only extract them when natural geological processes have concentrated them to a level that makes extraction economically viable.

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