3 Strategies to Prepare Well for Reasoning Ability Section of Paper-I of CSIR NET Exam!

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET General Aptitude: Paper I of the CSIR NET exam i.e., General Aptitude plays a crucial role to qualify for the exam as it contains 30 marks out of 200. Candidates preparing for the exam always take this paper for granted and hence are not able to score well in the first section of the CSIR UGC NET exam. The reasoning ability section is one of those sections where aspirants can score the maximum marks if the preparation is done with the right strategy. To make you exam-ready, we have come up with 3 Mantra’s to prepare for the Reasoning Ability section. Scroll down the complete article to know more!

At some point, we all wish that there should be some quick and smart exam preparation mantras that may help us in achieving a good rank. Candidates who are looking forward to appearing for the CSIR-NET 2022 exam must go through this article and learn more about how to score well in the reasoning ability section.

CSIR NET General Aptitude: Reasoning Ability Syllabus

In the Reasoning Ability section of the CSIR NET exam, the questions include Coding-Decoding, Series, Ranking and Arrangement, which are easier compared to other aspects so these need to be attempted first during the examination. The fоllоwing аre the оnes whiсh а саndidаte shоuld аttemрt next:

  1. Series Formation
  2. Coding-Decoding
  3. Distance and Directions
  4. Calendar and Clock
  5. Ranking and Arrangement
  6. Puzzles

Candidates can check the detailed General Aptitude syllabus at the linked article.

Puzzles become a bit confusing for the candidates who do not have good practice before the CSIR NET exam. So this topic should be covered at the end of your exam. It’s advisable for candidates to answer easy questions first and not to spend much time solving difficult ones which are much time-consuming.

3 Key Mantra’s for Preparation of Reasoning Ability Section:

The following 3 mantras will help the candidate to do well in the Reasoning Ability section:


Questions from coding-decoding are quite confusing so if one focuses on those and spends too much time they would not find a solution ever. All the candidates are advised to first think about the solution and start from the end which makes the problem look simpler.


The problems from series formation, ranking and arrangement are somewhat complicated so first thing is to simplify and put it in accordance with the solution.


Puzzles and crosswords are the sections that need concentration and tricks to solve. In the Reasoning Ability section, there are puzzles related to a schedule where at least 1 question is expected for 2 marks or so. Саndidаtes whо рrасtiсe оn а dаily bаsis аre likely tо fetсh gооd mаrks eаsily оn this tорiс.

Few Tips & Tricks to Solve Reasoning Problems

The Reasoning section is one of the scoring and toughest sections that require great concentration and critical thinking abilities to score good marks. In order to notch up the CSIR NET Score Card, you all need to obtain marks more than the cut off marks in each section. Below are some sure shot tips that may help you definitely in achieving reputable scores in your exam.

There are two types of solving Reasoning Questions – Less Time Taking Questions and Long Questions!

 1. In order to solve maximum questions in the minimal time limit, you must start with solving fewer time taking questions because no matter they are short or long, they will benefit you with full marks if answered correctly. 

  • Less Time Taking Topics – Series Formation, Coding-Decoding, Distance and Directions, Calendar and Clock. (These questions can be solved within few seconds) 
  • Long Time Taking Topics – Ranking Arrangements, the Puzzles. (These questions will definitely take at least 2 minutes to be solved)

2. The benefit of solving time taking questions is that you can cover at most 90% of questions within the allotted time frame.

3. Amongst the less time taking questions you should consider the strongest topics at first. It can be Series Formation or Coding-Decoding or any topics which you are comfortable answering first.

4. Always use smart and appropriate techniques while solving these problems. The reasoning section is all about assessing your logical and mental ability so the questions should be solved logically rather than using any formulas.

5. Questions in the reasoning section are tricky, so read twice before solving and then start by applying the methods/techniques. 

6. Your concept and fundamentals should be crystal clear about each and every topic of Reasoning.

7. You should be well aware of the Directions – North, South, East and West.

8. Try to solve questions by creating diagrams, graphs, histograms or tables.

9. Keep your confidence and concentration high while solving these questions.

Hope the above article was helpful for you. Let me know your feedback in the comments section below!

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