CSIR NET General Aptitude Preparation 2023: Tips To Ace General Aptitude Paper

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET General Aptitude Preparation Tips 2023: The CSIR NET exam is a national-level exam that is conducted to select the most eligible candidates for the post of Junior Research Fellowship and assistant professors. It is an exam that needs a lot of preparation to pass through. The formulation of a proper set of Preparation Tips For General Aptitude can help you get 30 marks easily in the CSIR NET Exam 2023

We have developed an article focusing on the CSIR NET Exam Pattern and CSIR NET General Aptitude Preparation Tips 2023, which the candidates can check below to make their preparation journey easy with the proper time management.

The CSIR NET Exam includes a total of 5 subjects and general aptitude is common in all of the 5 subjects. The General Aptitude (Part A) consists of a total of 30 marks. Part A of the paper has 20 questions and the candidates have to attempt 15 questions out of them.

CSIR NET General Aptitude 2023: Exam Pattern

Candidates can check the CSIR NET Exam Pattern for General Aptitude given below in tabulated form-

CSIR NET Subject Total Questions Maximum Number Of Questions To Be Attempted Marks For Each Correct Answer Marks Deduced For Each Wrong Answer
General Aptitude (Part A) of the question paper 20 15 2 0.5

CSIR NET General Aptitude Preparation Tips 

Here are a few important tips to make your CSIR NET preparation for General Aptitude 2022 smart and time-saving.

  • Compilation Of Important Topics- The first and foremost thing to do before starting your preparation for the CSIR NET General Aptitude Paper is to make collective data of all the topics included in General Aptitude. The Part A of any subject for the CSIR NET Exam includes questions based on the analytical and logical thinking skills of an aspirant. Usually, the questions are from topics such as Data interpretation, Graphical analysis, Numerical ability, and Puzzles.
  • Go Through The Previous Year Question Paper- As mentioned above, the CSIR NET General Aptitude paper consists of questions that are based on the logical thinking skill of the candidate. Going through the previous year’s question paper helps the candidates to have an idea of the type of questions for the general aptitude paper. The candidates can also try to solve those questions and analyze their preparation at that time.
  • Select The Best Resources- Selecting the best resources includes every resource that can help you prepare for the examination. It will be a wise idea to do some research and choose the best resources for the preparation of the CSIR NET General Aptitude exam. The best resources include the best books, and the best online studies materials such as revision notes, mock tests, and quizzes.
  • Keep Practicing- Practising is the key to double-checking your preparation for the CSIR NET Exam 2022. The candidates should also focus on practicing the questions from the important topics that have been covered before so that they do not forget the concepts they have learned. For the General Aptitude paper, the candidates need to keep practicing the questions from the related topics often to have a strong grip over them. This will save a lot of time while giving the exam and will also ensure 30 marks from the CSIR NET Part A.
  • Maintain your Calm- The CSIR NET General Aptitude(Part A) consists of the type of questions that requires a calm and collected mind to solve them. As the questions in the general Aptitude is based on the logical thinking of the candidate, it is very important to stay calm and analyze the questions thoroughly.
  • Beware Of The Tricky Question- The main part of the CSIR NET General Aptitude paper is that it is full of trap questions. These questions can not only get really confusing but the options they contain can also be tricky. The candidates need to analyze the questions deeply and should not rush on completing the questions. It is always a wise option to leave the question unattempted than attempting it wrong.
  • Work On The Time Management- Considering the time management factor while you are practicing for the CSIR NET General Aptitude 2022 exam, can be really helpful in the exam. Set a time limit and try to solve the questions within that set time limit. working on time management will help the candidates to complete the questions on time while giving the examination. 


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