CSIR NET Books 2022: Life Science, Mathematics, Chemical & more Books

CSIR NET Books 2022: Life Science, Mathematics, Chemical & more Books

ByRenuka Miglani  |  Updated on: Apr 13, 2022
Get complete list of CSIR UGC NET books for all the subjects below. It is important to choose the right list of books for CSIR NET Exam 2022 for a productive exam preparation.
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Picking the right CSIR NET books is a crucial step in preparation. Good books help you develop concepts, learn the right thing, do question-solving tricks, and get good marks. Study material plays a vital role in preparation. Here we have presented the list of best books for each subject i.e., Best books for CSIR Life Science, Best books for CSIR NET Chemical Science, Best Books for CSIR NET Physics, CSIR NET best books for Mathematics, Best Books for CSIR NET General Aptitude, and also CSIR NET best books for Earth Science, Atmospheric, Ocean and Planetary Science. After reading every book on the market, our experienced faculty makes recommendations.

There is n number of CSIR NET books available in the market for one subject and selecting the best book is a very tedious task. We have provided the most recommended books for Section A, Section B, and Section C for the CSIR NET 2022 Exam subjects. Read the complete post to know the best books to prepare for the CSIR NET exam.

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CSIR NET Books 2022

Before checking the CSIR NET Books let's have a look at the selection process for the exam. The CSIR UGC NET exam is conducted twice a year in June and December, to shortlist the desired candidates for determining eligibility for the Assistant Professor posts in Indian colleges and universities and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF). The exam is conducted in five science subjects, and we have provided the books:

  • Physical Sciences Books.
  • Chemical Sciences Books.
  • Mathematical Sciences Books.
  • Life Sciences Books.
  • Earth Sciences Books.

We all have heard one quote, i.e., "A great start will result in a good end," but sometimes, we fail to implement it. When we start any process, we should follow a proper strategy to complete that process. In the same way, to start your preparation for CSIR NET 2022, it is essential to check the syllabus and choose the best study material. The syllabus is vast for CSIR NET 2022, and a proper strategy is required with appropriate study material to complete it. Without knowing the syllabus, preparation will remain incomplete. Get the complete list of the best books for the CSIR NET Exam below.

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CSIR NET General Aptitude Books

CSIR NET Exam consists of three parts, where Part A is common for all subjects. Part A of the CSIR NET exam is general aptitude. Below mentioned are the best CSIR NET General Aptitude books. The best books for the General Aptitude section are mentioned below:

Books for CSIR General Aptitude


Arihant Publication

General Aptitude Theory and Practice

Ram Pandey

CSIR NET General Aptitude - A New Outlook

Christy Varghese

Books For CSIR NET Life Science

We have provided below the best reference books for the CSIR NET Life Science exam in a tabulated form. To qualify for the Life Science exam, you must prepare with the best study material. Unfortunately, applicants are often confused about which books to refer to, as many books and study materials are available in the market and online. 

Books for CSIR NET Life Science

Unit: Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology

Subject: Biochemistry and Metabolism

Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry- Nelson, and Cox

Biochemistry: International Edition by Stryer, Berg and Tymoczko

Principles of Biochemistry by Voet

Plant Biochemistry by Walter

Unit: Cellular Organization

Subject: Cell and Molecular Biology

Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments by Gerald Karp

Molecular Cell Biology- Lodish

Cell And Molecular Biology / 8th Edition by Robertis De

Molecular Biology of the Gene by James D. Watson

Unit: Cell Signalling

Subject: Immunology

Kuby Immunology- Owen, Punt, Stanford,7th Ed

Essential Immunology by Ivan M. Roitt

Immunology (Schaum’s series) By Pinchuk

Immunology (Instant notes) by Lydyard

Unit: Microbiology

Microbiology by Prescott

Microbiology by Pelczar

Brock Biology of Microorganisms by Madigan

Developmental Biology

Developmental Biology by Scott F. Gilbert

Molecular Cell Biology- Lodish

System Physiology – Plant

Plant Physiology - Taiz and Zeiger

Plant Physiology by Ross and Salisbury

Introductory Plant Biology by Stern

System Physiology – Animal

Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology

Human Anatomy and Physiology by Graaff

Animal Biology (Instant Notes) by Jurd

Unit: Inheritance Biology

Subject: Genetics

Principles of Genetics- D. Peter Snustad, Michael J. Simmons

Principles of Genetics- Robert H. Tamrin

Principles of gene manipulations by Sandy B Primrose Dr. Richard Twyman

Genetics: A Conceptual Approach by Benjamin A. Pierce


Bioinformatics by Baevanis & Oullette

Introduction to Bioinformatics by Lesk

Bioinformatics (Instant Notes) by Hodgman

Unit: Ecological Principles

Subject: Ecology

Ecology by Odum

Elements of Ecology By Smith & Smith

Ecology: Principles And Applications by JL Chapman and MJ Reiss

Evolution and Behavior

Evolution by Strickberger

The Evolution Handbook by Vance Ferrell

Theory of Evolution by Dawkins & Maynard

Unit: Applied Biology

Subject: Biotechnology

Biotechnology-B D Singh

Genomes 3 by T.A. Brown

Principles of Fermentation Technology by Stanbury

Industrial Microbiology by Casida

Unit: Methods in Biology

Subject: Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA methods

Principles of Gene Manipulation and Genomics-S.B. Primrose and R.M. Twyman

Principles and Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology- Wilson and Walker

Biophysical Chemistry (Principles and Techniques) By Upadhyay

CSIR NET Chemical Science Books

Here we will guide you and recommend the CSIR NET chemical science books to help you prepare. Applicants preparing for the CSIR NET 2022 exam with chemical science subjects should refer to the books listed below. The chemical sciences section of the CSIR NET exam includes physical chemistry, quantum chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, molecular quantum chemistry, organic chemistry, and interdisciplinary topics.

CSIR NET Chemical Science Books

CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Chemical Sciences

Dr. Hemant Kulshrestha, Prof. Ajay Taneja

Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. T. J. Patil

Physical And Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. C. M. Bhavsar, Dr. T. J. Patil

Physical Chemistry

Thomas Engel & Philip Reid

Concise Inorganic Chemistry

J. D. Lee

Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy

Colin N. Banwell

Quantum Chemistry through Problems and Solutions

R.K. Prasad

Instrumental Method

Skoog, Holler & Crouch

Advanced Organic Chemistry

John Wiley and Sons

Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds

Ernest L. Eliel, Samuel H. Wilen

Trueman's UGC-CSIR JRF / NET Chemical Sciences

M Gagan

Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure and Reactivity

James E Huheey, Ellen A Keiter, Richard L Keiter, Okhil K Medhi

Molecular Quantum Mechanics

Peter W Atkins, Ronald S Friedman

Joint CSIR/UGC/NET Chemical Sciences Part- B & C

R Gupta

March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms & Structure

Michael B Smith

An Introduction to Electrochemistry

Samuel Glasstone

Books for CSIR NET Physical Science

The books for the Physical Science subject of CSIR NET are given below. All the experts recommend these CSIR NET Physical Science Books. 

CSIR NET Physical Science Books

CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Physical Sciences

Dr. Surekha Tomar

Classical Mechanics

J C Upadhya

Mathematical Physics

H K Dass, Rama Verma

Solid State Physics

Neil W Ashcroft

Modern Physics and Solid State Physics

S O Pillai

CSIR-UGC NET (JRF & LS) Physical Science

W Malemnganba Chenglei

CSIR NET Books For Mathematics

To qualify for the CSIR NET Mathematical Science exam, you must prepare with the best study material. Therefore, we have provided below the best CSIR NET Mathematical Science Books that a candidate must refer to in the tabulated form. 

CSIR NET Mathematics Books

Real Analysis

H. L. Royden

CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Mathematical Sciences

Alok Kumar (Upkar)

Contemporary Abstract Algebra

Joseph A Gallian

Complex Variables and Applications

Ruel Churchill, James Brown

Classical Mechanics

Herbert Goldstein

Fundamentals of Statistics

S C Gupta

CSIR NET Books For Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean and Planetary Science

The Earth Science exam paper consists of 3 sections; the first section is the General Attitude section consisting of 20 multiple-choice questions. Sections B and C consist of 50 and 80 questions on specific topics out of the 35 and 25 questions that need to be answered only. Therefore, we have provided below the CSIR NET Earth Science Books for reference. 

CSIR NET Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean & Planetary Science Books

An Objective Earth Sciences

S Ahmad

Earth Science: The Physical Setting

Jeffrey C Callister

Climatology and Oceanography

D S Lal

Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean and Planetary Sciences Exam Guide (Part B & C)

Surender. K

How to Choose the Best Book for CSIR NET Preparation?

It is important to select the best book for the preparation. If you select the wrong book you end up wasting your time only. Select the best book for preparation with the help of the given points. This will help you in acing the exam.

  • The book must contain the whole CSIR NET syllabus of that subject.
  • Always prefer the books which have solved previous year's paper and sample papers. It is important to solve as many questions as you can before the exam.
  • Before buying any bооk or study mаteriаl for the CSIR NET exam, check the year of рubliсаtiоn and editiоn. The latest editions of the books will include discoveries, images, and other important information.
  • Compare the book's index and choose the one that covers all of the important topics and comes highly recommended by the professor or mentor.
  • choosе CSIR NET Books selected by nоtаble аuthоrs оnly оr reрuted/popular рublishing hоuses since such books are more reliаble and valuable.

CSIR NET Exam Preparation Strategy

There is very tough competition in the CSIR NET exam. The strategy is recommended by our learned faculties.

  • Make a reliable, short-term, and long-term timetable.
  • Divide the topics per day.
  • Learn the CSIR NET exam pattern and CSIR NET syllabus by heart.
  • Check the mark distribution.
  • Take online mock-test from time to time.
  • Revise the topics regularly.
  • Take a healthy diet.


  • It is very important to select the best CSIR NET book for your preparation. Aspirants who are preparing for the exam must check the books for each subject of CSIR NET 2022 here. Books help you understand the topic very well. You can make notes and also you stay away from the internet and distractions.

  • You can purchase the listed CSIR NET books online or offline. Our advice is to buy the books offline or if you get a good quality second-hand book buy it. You may not need it after a year. It is easy to compare the indexes and topics in the offline market.

  • You have provided the list of must-follow CSIR NET Life Science Books to help all the biology and related The national testing agency conducts the CSIR NET for life science for JRF & Assistant Professor. Check some books here.

    • Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry- Nelson, and Cox
    • Cell And Molecular Biology / 8th Edition by Robertis De
    • Immunology (Schaum’s series) By Pinchuk
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology by Graaff
  • Yes, many books contain CSIR NET Question Paper, and also there are books for MCQs on the list. Candidates can purchase that book for question practice. Also, all books have questions after every topic. Candidates must attempt the paper for a better understanding of the topics.

  • Yes, you can check the best CSIR NET book for Mathematical science subjects. It is important to check the best material available for the targeted preparation of the CSIR NET exam 2022. Candidates can check the books below:

    • CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Mathematical Sciences - Alok Kumar (Upkar)
    • Fundamentals of Statistics - S.C. Gupta