CSIR NET Physics: Study Material, Plan, Tips for CSIR NET 2023

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET Physics: The Physics subject of CSIR NET tests the candidates’ knowledge in various topics such as classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, statistical physics, thermodynamics, mathematical physics, electronics, and solid-state physics. The exam is conducted by NTA to select the most deserving candidates for a junior research fellowship and assistant professor post in government universities/Institutes.

The candidates preparing for the CSIR NET Physical Science must analyze every detail regarding the exam to mold their preparation strategy effectively. The candidates must look for the study material that covers all the important concepts of the physics syllabus. We have developed this article to explain the important factors that candidates need to consider for adequate preparation for the CSIR NET Physics Exam.

CSIR NET Physics 2023

The CSIR NET Exam is conducted for five different subjects and one of them is CSIR NET Physical Science. This is a technical subject and only those aspirants who are interested and passionate about Physics must opt for it. This is because the exam requires expertise in the subject as the candidates are contesting for the position of Assistant Professors. The syllabus, weightage, and preparation tips to ace the exam for CSIR NET Physics are illustrated below.

Topics Weightage in CSIR NET Physics Exam

The table below contains detailed data on all the topics and the number of questions asked from the following topics in the previous physics question papers for the CSIR NET 2023. The candidates can analyze the data and prepare their preparation plan accordingly.

Topics Number of Questions
Nuclear Physics 3
Relativity 2
Differential Equation of Orbit 1
Gravitation 1
Statistical Mechanics 4-5
Super Conductor 1
Solid State Physics 1
Classical Physics 2-3
Doppler’s Effect 1
Operational Amplifier 1

CSIR NET Physics Syllabus

The first and foremost step is to go through the CSIR NET Physics Syllabus before starting your preparation for the examination. Analyzing the syllabus will help the candidates understand the topics they need to prepare for the exam.

Syllabus for CSIR NET Physical Science
Core Mathematical Methods of Physics
Classical Mechanics
Electromagnetic Theory
Quantum Mechanics
Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
Electronics and Experimental Methods
Advanced Mathematical Methods of Physics
Atomic & Molecular Physics
Thermodynamic and Statistical Physics
Nuclear and Particle Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Electronics and Experimental Methods
Classical Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Electromagnetic Theory

Best Books for CSIR NET Physics Exam

Study material plays a vital role in the level and quality of the preparation for any exam. Hence, it is critical that aspirants refer to the latest and most recommended books in the Physics subject to clear the exam. The table below contains the list of the few books with the list of best CSIR NET Books.

Books Writers
Higher Engineering Mathematics B. S. Grewal
Mathematical Methods for Physicists Arfken and Weber
Solid State Physics Ashcroft and Mermin
Introduction to Electrodynamics Griffiths
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics Griffiths
Introductory Nuclear Physics Kenneth S. Krane
Classical Mechanics J C Upadhya

CSIR NET Physics Preparation Tips

The candidates must formulate some preparation tips before starting their preparations for the exam. The preparation tips mentioned below will help the candidates to make their preparations easy and effective.

  • Previous Year Question Papers: Solving the CSIR NET previous year question papers can give you an idea of the question pattern that usually follows in the physics exam. Candidates can look for and highlight questions that have been asked repeatedly. The highlighted questions should be revised more thoroughly because there is a good chance they may be asked again.
  • Keep Revising: The candidates must revise every covered topic to ensure they do not forget it. Revision can help you double-check your preparation for the exam and help you to avoid any confusion while giving the examination.
  • Notes will Help: Preparing handwritten notes based on your understanding will significantly assist you in readily revising the topics and key points at any moment. Handwritten notes can be employed at the last minute to save time.
  • Test Yourself: It is vital to test your knowledge during the preparation.  CSIR NET Mock Tests and Quizzes are an excellent way to test yourself.
  • Positive Mindset: A positive mindset will help you prepare for the exams with a calm and fresh mind.
  • Grasp The Concepts: Just learning the concepts and topics will not help in the long run. The candidates need to understand the concepts behind the topics and keep revising them.

CSIR NET Physical Science Study Plan

To begin, familiarise yourself with the CSIR NET physical science syllabus. Then you must make and stick to a schedule that efficiently organizes both your time and the sections that must be completed. To help you pass the exam, you can find and practice multiple mock tests and previous year’s question questions online. A complete study plan for physics preparation is provided here.

  • Understanding of Syllabus: Start by understanding the CSIR NET Syllabus. Recognize the topics that need to be included in papers. It will assist you in developing more efficient exam preparation tactics. You need to know where you should invest the most time and effort.
  • Solving previous year’s question Paper: Before taking the exam, you should understand the questions that will be asked. Continue to practice physical science previous year’s papers to help reinforce concepts and decrease time spent understanding questions on exam day. The previous year’s papers are the most valuable and reliable source for exam preparation.
  • Understand the Exam Pattern: You’ll know what topics you need to study once you’ve reviewed the syllabus. To understand the marks distribution and marking scheme, understand the CSIR NET Exam Pattern
  • Recognize your strengths and drawbacks: Know your weak points and work to improve them, as well as your strong points, so that you can include them in your strategy. You’ll also have to figure out which parts of the syllabus require the most attention and which can be accomplished in a shorter time. The rest of your graph can then be scheduled dependent on how long each topic takes.

Paper Analysis of CSIR NET Physical Science

The table below contains brief information on the CSIR NET physics exam analysis. The candidates can analyze the table below and formulate strategies to attempt the examination accordingly. Our subject experts have analyzed the previous year’s question paper and according to them, the exam was between moderate to difficult.

Part Name Total MCQs Total MCQs to be Attempted Difficulty Level
Part A 20 15 Moderate
Part B 25 20 Moderate to difficult
Part C 30 20 Moderate to difficult
Total 75 55 Moderate to difficult

CSIR NET Physics Exam Pattern

The CSIR NET Physics exam consists of a single paper with multiple-choice questions. The exam has a maximum score of 200 points and is 180 minutes long. Section A consists of 20 analytics questions based on general aptitude subjects. Section B will have 25 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering the syllabus’s topics in Part ‘A’ (CORE). Section C will have 30 questions from Part B’ (Advanced) and Part ‘A’ (Core). This section’s questions assess analytical abilities, research abilities, and concept clarity.

Each section of the paper will evaluate the candidate’s understanding and knowledge of the subject. The CSIR NET physics pattern is shown in the table below:

Physical Science Total Questions Max Question to attempt Marks for the correct answer Negative Marks
Part A 20 15 2 0.5
Part B 25 20 3.5 0.875
Part C 30 20 5 1.25
Total 75 55 200

CSIR NET Physics Question Paper

Going through the previous year’s question paper helps the candidates understand the question asked they may face in their upcoming examinations. The table below contains the list of CSIR NET Physics question papers

Paper SET Month Question Paper PDF Answer Key PDF
CSIR NET Physical Science Paper 2019 SET A June Download Here Download Here
CSIR NET Physical Science Paper 2019 SET B June Download Here Download Here
CSIR NET Physical Science Paper 2019 SET C June Download Here Download Here
CSIR NET Physical Science Paper 2018 SET A June Download Here Download Here
CSIR NET Physical Science Paper 2018 SET B June Download Here Download Here
CSIR NET Physical Science Paper 2018 SET C June Download Here Download Here
CSIR NET Physical Science Paper 2018 SET A December Download Here Download Here
CSIR NET Physical Science Paper 2018 SET B December Download Here Download Here
CSIR NET Physical Science Paper 2018 SET C December Download Here Download Here
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