CSIR NET General Aptitude Study Plan 2023: Preparation Tips, Best Books

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CSIR NET General Aptitude Study Plan 2023: The CSIR NET Exam, conducted by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, aims to provide Junior Research Fellowship and Lectureship opportunities to eligible candidates. The exam pattern consists of three sections – Part A, Part B, and Part C. Part A focuses on General Aptitude for CSIR NET Questions, which are common for all subjects and must be qualified.

To prepare effectively, it is essential to have a General Aptitude for CSIR NET Study Plan that follows a strategic approach. Given the significance of General Aptitude in qualifying for the exam, a well-structured preparation strategy is crucial for excelling in Part A. Therefore, we will discuss essential tips, and strategies, and help create a study plan to crack the General Aptitude for CSIR NET section with ease.

General Aptitude for CSIR NET 2023

There is always a first step that must be taken before starting the competitive exam preparation. Without knowing the CSIR NET syllabus, the preparation will always remain incomplete. So making a strategy of starting your preparation and covering the syllabus is crucial. The whole syllabus of General Aptitude for CSIR NET has been divided mainly into these broad categories; Numerical Ability, Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Graphical Analysis. Before diving into the syllabus, let’s look at the CSIR NET General Aptitude Exam Pattern.

General Aptitude for CSIR NET: Exam Pattern

Going through the CSIR NET exam pattern is an essential part of preparation. One should know the number of questions and how much time has been allotted for each question in the exam. By knowing the exam pattern, You can set your target score and prepare your time management strategies. Check the exam pattern mentioned below:

Total no. Questions 20
Questions to be Attempted 15
Marks for each Correct Answer 2
Total Marks 30
Negative Marking 0.5

CSIR NET General Aptitude: Syllabus

Now it’s time to check the syllabus of the General Aptitude section and mark the important topics frequently asked in the exam. Check the detailed syllabus for the General Aptitude section mentioned below:

I. Numerical Ability:

  • Number and Simplification
  • LCM and HCF
  • Average
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Sequence and Series
  • Surds and Indices
  • Logarithms
  • Percentage
  • Profit and Loss
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
  • Ratio, Proportion, and Variation
  • Partnership
  • Allegation and Mixture
  • Time Speed and Distance
  • Time and Work
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Probability
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Trigonometry

II. Reasoning:

  • Series Formation
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Distance and Directions
  • Calendar and Clock
  • Ranking and Arrangement
  • Puzzles

III. Data Interpretation and Graphical Analysis:

  • Mean, Median & Mode
  • Measures of Dispersion
  • Graphical Analysis: Bar Graph, Line Graph
  • Pie-Chart
  • Tabulation.

CSIR NET General Aptitude: Expected Number of Questions

We have gone through the CSIR NET previous year’s papers and prepared a list of topics and the most expected number of questions for the CSIR NET 2023 exam. Check all the important topics and the expected no. of questions mentioned below:

S. No. Expected Topic Expected No. of Questions
1 Mensuration 2-3 Questions
2 Series Completion 3-4 Questions
3 Graphical Representation & Analysis 3-4 Questions
4 Logical Reasoning  2-3 Questions
5 Analytical and Numerical Ability 3-4 Questions


General Aptitude for CSIR NET: Study Plan

Once you have gone through the syllabus and exam pattern in detail, prepare a study plan to cover all the topics effectively and within the time frame.

  • You can give 30 minutes daily for the General Aptitude section.
  • After the completion of each topic, try to practice some questions.
  • Make short tricks to memorize the formulas and concepts and prepare short notes so that you will not face any difficulty in revising.

We have come up with 60 days study plan to complete the whole syllabus for CSIR NET 2023 Exam. Check it below:

Days Part A
(General Aptitude)
Day 1 Number System
Day 2 Simplification
Day 3 LCM
Day 4 HCF
Day 5 Average
Day 6 Quadratic Equations
Day 7 Sequence and Series
Day 8 Surds and Indices
Day 9 Logarithms
Day 10 Percentage
Day 11 Profit and Loss
Day 12 Simple Interest
Day 13 Compound Interest
Day 14 Ratio
Day 15 Proportion and Variation
Day 16 Partnership
Day 17 Allegation
Day 18 Mixture
Day 19 Time Speed and Distance
Day 20 Time and Work
Day 21 Permutations and Combinations
Day 22 Probability
Day 23 Geometry
Day 24 Mensuration
Day 25 Trigonometry
Day 26 Series Formation
Day 27 Coding-Decoding
Day 28 Distance and Directions
Day 29 Calendar
Day 30 Clock
Day 31 Ranking
Day 32 Sitting Arrangement
Day 33 Puzzles
Day 34 Mean
Day 35 Median
Day 36 Mode
Day 37 Measures of Dispersion
Day 38 Bar Graph
Day 39 Line Graph
Day 40 Pie-Chart
Day 41 Tabulation
Day 42 Data Interpretation

Note: Remaining 18 days are to practice the topics covered in these 42 days. You can give one day for practice after completing 2-3 units, or you can complete the syllabus first and practice the whole in the last 18 days. We are leaving 18 days practice plan to design yourself according to your comfort. 

In this time period, join a CSIR NET mock test series to practice the concepts and syllabus and not forget to practice the previous year’s papers.

Best Books for General Aptitude for CSIR NET

It is vital to collect the best study materials and CSIR NET Books before starting preparation. Books are the main part of the preparation. It will give an extra edge while preparing. The best books for the General Aptitude section are mentioned below:

  1. CSIR UGC NET PAPER I by Arihant Publication
  2. General Aptitude Theory and Practice by Ram Pandey
  3. CSIR NET General Aptitude – A New Outlook by Christy Varghese

Tips to Choose the Best CSIR NET General Aptitude Books:

  • Check the year of publication and edition similarly as we check the medicines’ expiry date before buying any book or study material for the CSIR UGC NET exam. The newer version of the books will be updated with discoveries, images, and other important information.
  • Choose General Aptitude for CSIR NET Books curated by notable authors only or reputed/popular publishing houses because such books will be much more reliable and useful.
  • Compare 2-3 other books and validate the content and other information with your advisors, NET preparation specialists, or teachers.

CSIR NET General Aptitude Questions and Answers

The General Aptitude section is considered quite scoring by experts as it can help the candidates raise their scores in the exam if they prepare well for it. If you understand the concepts then it is not very challenging to get the questions right. Going through the CSIR NET Previous year question papers will help candidates get access to ample questions that they can practice from. The questions from this section are often of moderate difficulty level and here are a few examples of CSIR NET General Aptitude questions and answers:

a. Find the missing number in the series: 3, 6, 12, __, 48.

b. Complete the series: 2, 5, 10, 17, ___.

c. Solve the puzzle: Five friends A, B, C, D, and E are sitting in a row. A is sitting next to D but not next to B. C is sitting next to E. Who is sitting in the middle?

d. If a car covers a distance of 250 km in 5 hours, what is its average speed?

e. Rearrange the words to form a meaningful sentence: he/dog/chased/the/cat.

CSIR NET General Aptitude: Preparation Tips

Here are some useful CSIR NET General Aptitude preparation tips that will help you prepare for the exam. 

  • List down the important topic first and analyze each topic.
  • After analyzing, divide the topics into 3 sections, Strong, Moderate, and Weak. The strong category consists of those questions in which you are confident and require less practice. Moderate includes topics that require some time for revision and practice, and the Weak category includes topics that require proper attention.
  • Keep your mindset positive and use the time wisely to cover the syllabus. Although 60 days are sufficient for the preparation of CSIR NET, you must not gamble away the time you have.
  • Spend no more than half an hour for Part A Section.
  • In this section, lengthy questions will be covered, which will be based on Mathematical equations. 
  • Maximum attempts will be 15 questions, so do not waste extra time in this section. 
  • Solve previous year’s papers and mock tests as much as possible and revise the syllabus you have covered previously; you will forget everything in the last few days.
  • Prepare handwritten short notes to revise the concepts in the last days of the exam and list important formulas for the revision.

 In this article, we tried to cover all the information that will help you guide your exam preparation. Please feel free to write in the comment box below if you face any questions. We will be pleased to help you and try to resolve all your doubts as soon as possible. We hope that you will get success in your dream.

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