BPSC Topper Shubham Verma (Success Story): Preparation Strategy, Tips and Lot More.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Hello Everyone!!

“Are you feeling low and lacking the motivation to prepare for the upcoming BPSC 2021 Exam?”

Meet, Shubham Verma, a Fellow Member of BYJU’S Exam Prep, who has cleared the BPSC Exam in his first attempt and has been selected as a Revenue Officer in Bihar.

In this article, we are providing the preparation strategy which is followed by Shubham Verma. Let us go through his success story and know about his preparation strategy and his experiences.

BPSC (Bihar Public Service Commission) conducts BPSC Exam every year to recruit candidates for different reputed posts. Getting selected through BPSC is the dream of every aspirant toiling hard to secure his job. In today’s article, we will share a success story of a student who worked very hard to get his dream job. We suggest you read the whole success story of Shubham Verma who got selected as a Revenue Officer through the 64th BPSC.

Success Story of BPSC Topper Shubham Verma (Revenue Officer)

General Discussion

Q.1 Tell us about your background in studies?

Ans. I have done my schooling in Lucknow. And after that, I completed my graduation (B.Tech Electrical Branch) from JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida.

Q.2 Was it your first attempt? Have you appeared for any other UPSC or PCS exam before this 64th BPSC attempt?

Ans. I have attempted UPPSC Mains and UPSC Exam. But this was my first attempt for the BPSC,

Q.3 How many hours a student needs to study to clear BPSC?

Ans. I believe that it is different for everyone and it totally depends on the level of knowledge of aspirants. For that first he/she can attempt any mock and figure out their strength and weak area and then work on that accordingly.

Q. 4 Who did you owe your success to?

Ans. I owe my success to my friends, parents and teachers who supported and motivated me whenever I felt low or disheartened due to the failure or delay in the exam process.

Preparation Strategy Related Discussion

Q.1 How to prepare current affairs for BPSC Exam?

Ans. Current Affairs plays an important role in all three stages (Prelims, Mains and Interview). To prepare for current affairs my strategy was to read newspapers on a daily basis. I read two newspapers one is general like (Indian Express) and the other is regional ( Prabhat Khabar). I have also read monthly, weekly current affairs from BYJU’S Exam Prep.

Q.2 What should be the Preparation Strategy for BPSC Preliminary Exam?

Ans. The strategy for the Preliminary stage should be strong so that you can clear in the first attempt. Here are few points that you need to focus.

  • First of all, analyse the Previous year Paper and figure out the level & nature of questions asked in BPSC Prelims. Like BPSC asked mostly fact-based questions.
  • Clear your basics from NCERT books.
  • Follow a good study material and stick to only one study material.
  • Attempt Mock tests on a weekly basis and don’t forget to analyse mocks. Analyzing mock tests is an important factor. 
  • Practice on a daily basis, attempt quizzes, mocks, past papers, etc
  • Most Important Believe in Yourself.

Q.3 How to prepare for Bihar Gk?

Ans. Bihar GK plays an important role in BPSC Exam. The main problem while studying Bihar GK is not getting good study material. 

Q.4 How to Prepare for History?

Ans. If you are face difficulty during studying History then follow these tips

  • Try to remember events or dates via tricks Like  Tricks to Remember the famous temple
  • Make your personal notes, mnemonic and revise on a weekly basis.
  • I personally refer to NCERT for Ancient and Medival History. And I followed Spectrum for Modern History.

 Q.5 How to improve writing skills for the BPSC exam?

 Ans. Answer writing plays a vital role, not only in BPSC but UPSC and other states PCS exams also. Here are few tips that will help in answer writing.

  • Write answers in bullet points. If possible add a conclusion at the end of the answer.
  • Add diagrams, flow charts, etc so that answer looks good.
  • You can also join: Weekly writing Competition

 Q.6 What are the important books for the BPSC exam point of view?

Ans. First of all, you should clear your concept from NCERT. Then you can study some standard books for Particular subjects like for Polity read Laxhmikant. 

  • Ancient Indian History: India’s Ancient Past by RS Sharma (Old NCERT)
  • Medieval Indian History: A History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra (Old NCERT)
  • Modern Indian History: Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra OR Spectrum Modern History by Rajiv Ahir
  • Economics: NCERT
  • Economic Survey of Bihar and India
  • Science: 6-10 class NCERT Science
  • Geography: Class 11, 12
  • Polity: Laxhmikant
  • GK: Lucent
  • Ghatna-Chakra 

Important books: BPSC Prelims and Mains booklist

 Q. 7 How to choose an Optional Subject?

Ans. Factors to consider before selecting the Best optional subject for the BPSC:

  • One of the main factors is the syllabus. Aspirants must read the syllabus before selecting the optional so that one has clear idea of things which one is going to read.
  • Second, how much time is available to prepare for the optional. Everyone has different time demands so accordingly one must decide.
  • Graduation background is the key to decide. If one had done graduation in any of the given subject then it is advisable to select that only, as it will save your time and one is already familiar with the subject.
  • See what the trend going on. Sometimes a good optional like History doesn’t fetch good marks.  
  • Non-technical subjects, especially those that overlap with the GS syllabus, provide more preparation time and reading material overall, resulting in a higher overall Mains score if diligently studied.

How to choose Optional Subject : Read Here

 Q.8 How to prepare for BPSC Interview?

Ans. The interview is basically your personality test. It checks how you handle the situation as an administrator, confidence level. Few tips that will help in your interview preparation.

  • First of all getting a clear understanding of your academic background, your home town, your optional subject, etc.
  • Study Current Affairs, many times interviewers asked questions based on the event that happened recently.
  • Practice is the key to success. Practice the interview in front of a mirror or guide. 

Role of BYJU’S Exam Prep in Preparation

Q. How beneficial was the study material of BYJU’S Exam Prep?

Ans: I did a lot of practice on BYJU’S Exam Prep for different topics using the quizzes and other materials which helped me to increase my speed as well. 

Q. How has BYJU’S Exam Prep’s Faculty helped you?

Ans: I followed many BYJU’S Exam Prep faculties on YouTube and on BYJU’S Exam Prep app. The concepts were clear and the short tricks taught by the teachers were easy to learn and implement. 

Q. Short description (2-3 lines) regarding BYJU’S Exam Prep Test Series/Mocks and how did they help them in cracking the Exam

Ans: There will be no success without facing the challenges and hurdles.


Know the secret of success in BPSC by Topper Gradian Shubham Verma!!  

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