BPSC Optional Subjects Paper: Which Optional is good for BPSC Exam 2022 – 2023

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Hello Students! In this article, we has cover which optional subject is good for BPSC Exam 2022? This article helps to decide your optional paper, which is a key in order to clear the BPSC examination with good marks.

BPSC conducts examination for the various posts like Bihar Administrative Services, Bihar Police Services, Bihar Financial Servies and other higher level posts.  The examination has three stages i.e., Prelims, Mains & Interview. In order to qualify for the BPSC mains examination one has to clear all three stages. However, candidates must select an optional subject in the BPSC Mains stage (total 300 marks), and choosing the best optional subject will make a major difference.

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Read on to know which optional subjects are the most common, highest scoring, or have the highest success rate in BPSC, as well as whether or not a candidate can choose his or her optional based on trends.

Optional Subjects for BPSC Exam 2022 – 2023

Candidates must choose one of the 34 optional subjects mentioned below;



Hindi Language and Literature

Persian Language and Literature

Arabic Language and Literature

Pali Language and Literature

Maithili Language and Literature




English Language and Literature

Urdu Language and Literature


Bangla Language and Literature

Sanskrit Language and Literature



Political Science and International Relations


Public Administration

Labour and Social Welfare



Mechanical Engineering





Civil Engineering


Commerce and Accountancy

Electrical Engineering

Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science



Given below mention the success-rate of optional subjects, BPSC 53rd to 55th CCE

\BPSC 56th to 59th CCE\

BPSC 60th-62nd CCE\

Factors to consider before selecting the Best optional subject for the BPSC:

  • One of the main factor is syllabus. Aspirants must read the syllabus before selecting the optional so that one has clear idea of things which one is going to read.
  • Second, how much time is available to prepare for the optional. Everyone has different time demands so accordingly one must decide.
  • Graduation background is the key to decide. If one had done graduation in any of the given subject then it is advisable to select that only, as it will save your time and one is already familiar with the subject.
  • See what the trend going on. Sometimes a good optional like History doesn’t fetch good marks.  
  • Non-technical subjects, especially those that overlap with the GS syllabus, provide more preparation time and reading material overall, resulting in a higher overall Mains score if diligently studied.

What are the most scoring BPSC mains optional subjects?

Some subjects are more difficult to score than others. However, when looking at the big picture, we can see that BPSC toppers scored 220+ in both technical and non-technical subjects. Some subjects are considered as low scoring because candidates are unable to put in the necessary effort or because they have chosen an optional subject.

Technical subjects (for example, mathematics) will potentially earn you great marks because the subjectivity quotient is minimal. In general, unlike in humanities subjects, the examiner’s prejudices or interests play a smaller role.

The top optional subjects for BPSC can be described as follows, based on the information provided above,.

  • History
  • Hindi Language and Literature
  • Labour and Social Welfare
  • Public Administration
  • Geography
  • Maithili Language and Literature
  • Sociology

These are still broad indicators. Candidate A’s best optional subject is not exactly the same as Candidate B’s. As a result, the question Which Subject is Best for BPSC Mains Optional? must be answered from the perspective of the person. 

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