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By Avinash Kumar|Updated : August 9th, 2021

First Weekly Writing Competition: Yes Yes! You have heard Right, From today we are launching this competition and this will run for one week. Join this Challenge and improve your writing skill for Mains Examination.

First-Ever Weekly Writing Competition on BYJU'S Exam Prep: Yes Yes! You have heard Right, From today we are launching this competition and this will run for one week. Many of you are thinking about What is this weekly writing challenge, How it is beneficial, How do I participate, Are we getting any reward? Where do I post my Writing, What will be the topic, Can I write in Hindi, and there are a lot of questions. But Wait, my friends, I will explain everything to you just stay with me and read ahead.

I'll explain your questions stepwise. So let's take the first question,

1. What is this Weekly Writing Challenge?

 Answer: As you know that Mains Exam tests your writing skills how well you can think and write about a topic. For the intention to improve your writing skills, we have initiated this challenge.

2. How it is beneficial for you?

Answer: As I told you that in this challenge you have to write about a topic this will directly help you to become more detailed oriented about a subject. And you can easily tackle the abstract topics in your Mains exam.

3. Will we get any reward?

Answer: Yes, Of course, you will be awarded but there are some conditions you need to follow. I will later explain these conditions. Now move to the next question.

4. Where will I submit my Writing?

Answer: You have to post a clear picture of your writing in the comment box. Remember Unclear picture will be violating the rule and will not be accepted.

5. What will be the topic of writing?

Answer: We will give a topic every day and it will be related to General Studies.

6. Can I write in Hindi? 

Answer: Yes, of course!! You can write in any language either it is Hindi or English whatever you are comfortable with.

7. I have just started my preparation, Can I join this challenge?

Answer: Yes of Course My Friend!! It is for everyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

8. When will be getting the topic of the next day?

Answer: We will update the topic every day at sharp 8 AM.

9. Most important Question:  How we will Judge your answers?

Answer: Well, Do not worry about it. We will check your answers and if there is any formatting issue or anything we will tell you to improve that. We will accept your answer in any form because we know that some of you have just started your preparation and some of you have already cleared prelims or mains phase. We just want that via this competition you improve your writing skill. Do not be afraid to join this competition.

there is a famous saying  "Failure is success if we learn from it." So "Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be learned."

Let me tell you a real story: Read it Carefully

I want to share a guy's story. His story will definitely motivate you and will teach you some essential lessons to crack the examination.

He is a resident of Nagina in Bijnor, finished primary school from St. Mary's, followed by his 12th standard at Aligarh Muslim University. He then graduated from Sharda University with his engineering. This guy says that he was a failure throughout his life, not only in UPSC but also in various other exams he gave previously. He gave All India level Engineering Entrance Exam but failed, and later he wanted to move to study abroad and failed horribly. Many of us would have been broken by these failures. 

There might be no motivation inside. However, this man decided to try one of the hardest tests in the world, the UPSC. Yes, UPSC. Yes. Not only once, but over four times he attempted but failed. Yes, not once, not twice, not three times. Yeah. In his fourth attempt, he received AIR 354 and was selected as IRS (Custom) officer. But, could you believe this, he wasn't satisfied? For the fifth time, he again wrote UPSC and achieve AIR (All India Rank) 3.

I've been shocked literally, listening, stunned and joyfully shocked!! The guy I was talking about is none other than JUNAID AHMAD.

The thing we should learn from him is, sometimes we end up trying any further because we don't get the results that we want. We give up when we fail, we lose all the hope in us. But the only one who secures success in life is the one who never stops trying hard, never breaks down, never gives up.

Now, I want before reading further all of you write down in the comment box " I am Accepting this Challenge" or "I am joining this competition"


"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." Michael Jordan


  Now let's look at some Conditions of this Competition or Challenge.

Rule of this Competition (All conditions are mandatory)

  1. First Rule is to Post every day. You need to be consistent. You have to post every day one writing on the comment box. If you don't post daily you will be out of the game.
  2. Only One topic for one Day.
  3. Minimum 200 Words. You have to write at least 200 words on a topic.
  4. Upvote this Article. Your upvote will also count.
  5. Post a clear image of your writings/answer. 
  6. Do not Copy Paste other answers. Write it in your own words. Don't Cheat Yourself. It is just only for you.

"ए मेरी कलम इतना सा अहसान कर दे कह ना पाई जो जुबान वो बयान कर दे।" 

Sr. No.DayTopic
1MondayWhat are the challenges in adopting electric cars in India? What do you think are the regulatory challenges involved?  
2TuesdayWhat is more important Economic Development (Growth) or Environmental Conservation? Highlight briefly.
3WednesdayCoronavirus has created devastation globally, the education sector is under tremendous pressure. However, this is a major opportunity for technology-based education organizations and online education in India. Comment. (Min. 250 Words) 
4ThursdayThe decline of Harappan civilization was caused by ecological degradation rather than external invasion. Discuss 
5FridayWhat are the problems associated with aging populations example populations of Japan and European countries? How can these countries counter these problems? Explain. 
Explain how the uprising of 1857 constitutes an important watershed in the evolution of British policies towards colonial India.
7SundayPresent an account of the Indus Water Treaty and examine its ecological, economic and political implications in the context of changing bilateral relations. 
8Result DayFirst Weekly Writing Competition Winners

 "Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something." Morihei Ueshiba

We will update the list every day with the name of students who post every day.

Sr. No.DayStudents Names
1MondayAditi Raj, Prerna Gupta, Ruchita Dasisha ChaturvediAbnish KumarSeenu AnandLokesh Kumar MishraVandana Tiwari ,Abhishek Gautamsaumya shukla , Juhi BhadaniAisha SinghChhaviShiv Shankar ,Naveena Devi
2TuesdaySeenu AnandPrerna Guptasaumya shukla (Added Both Answers), isha chaturvediAditi Raj , Shiv Shankar (Added Both Answers), Abhishek Gautam (Added Both Answers), SonuRuchita DasLokesh Kumar Mishra (Added Both Answers), Vandana Tiwari (Added Both Answers), Chhavi , Juhi Bhadani (Added Both Answers)      
3WednesdayShiv Shankar , Aditi Rajsaumya shukla , Seenu Anand , Madhu , Sneha Singh , Chhavi (Added all answers), Juhi Bhadaniisha chaturvedi , Prerna GuptaAbhishek Gautam , Aisha Singh , Ruchita Das , Vandana TiwariLokesh Kumar MishraBabita Kumari ,Kumar Kaushal                                    
4ThursdayPrerna GuptaSeenu AnandVks AvinashLokesh Kumar MishraSneha SinghChhaviShiv ShankarBabita Manu , isha chaturvedi , Ruchita Das , Juhi BhadaniAditi Rajsaumya shuklaAbhishek GautamVandana Tiwari
5FridaySneha Singh , isha chaturvediSeenu AnandPrerna GuptaShiv ShankarBabita ManuLokesh Kumar Mishrasaumya shuklaAbhishek GautamAditi RajChhaviRuchita DasVandana TiwariJuhi BhadaniVks Avinash                             
6Saturday Kumar KaushalSeenu AnandShiv Shankar,Babita Manu, Aditi RajSneha Singhisha chaturvediChhaviAbhishek Gautamsaumya shuklaPrerna GuptaVandana TiwariRuchita Das, Juhi BhadaniLokesh Kumar Mishra                                               
 7 SundayRuchita DasJuhi BhadaniPrerna Guptasaumya shuklaVandana TiwariChhaviLokesh Kumar MishraAbhishek Gautamisha chaturvediSneha SinghBabita ManuShiv ShankarAditi RajSeenu Anand                        

Vandana Tiwari, Seenu Anand, saumya Shukla, Lokesh Kumar Mishra, Chhavi, Ruchita Das, Abhishek Gautam, Shiv Shankar, Prerna Gupta, isha Chaturvedi, Aditi Raj, Juhi Bhadani 

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.Michael Jordan

Format of Answer Writing

It is not mandatory but if you want to write in a format you can follow this. The format of writings has been divided into 3 sections:

  1. Section 1 – Heading
  2. Section 2 – Body/Main Part
  3. Section 3 – Conclusion

Part 1 – Heading – The heading of the article should be engaging and attractive and it should not exceed more than 4 to 5 words. Make sure your heading doesn’t have any kind of error such as spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Do not use unnecessary punctuation marks in the heading.

Part 2 – Body – It is the main part of the answer writing format which carries more weightage. For the body of the answer, you can include - examples, government interventions, court judgments or any news of relevance, what someone important said about the issue, what you about the issue, etc.

Part 3 - Conclusion - Now, you need to conclude your paragraph, your conclusion should cover the important points of your article.

Remember: It is not mandatory to follow this format. You just have to write the article on the given topic in whatever format you like. We just want that you start writing. There may be mistakes in starting but don't worry we are here to help you.

Now everything is clear, But the BYJU'S Exam Prep team what will be the reward? 😊

  • Guys, It will be a surprise, wait for the next week. We will disclose the winner name next Monday. 

~ If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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LalitaAug 11, 2021

I too wanted to participate in this writing session.. How to take part.. Please guide sir.. And include my name too
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Pushpa Kumari
Sir mera name kyo nahi hai
Pushpa Kumari
Please sir boliye
Ragini Kumari
I am joining this competition
Shilpa Singh

Shilpa SinghSep 17, 2021

Kaise post krengy
Shilpa Singh

Shilpa SinghSep 17, 2021

Mujhe isse bare me koi idea nhi h so plz tell me
Riya sinha

Riya sinhaSep 18, 2021

Ye jo content diya h.. usi pe essay likhna h.. nxt week.. ??
Ranjeet Singh
I will join this group
Ranjeet Singh
Mai bhi es competition me samil hona chahta hun sir ji

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