67th BPSC History Preparation Tips – Bihar PSC History Strategy, Study Material [Free PDF]

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

BPSC History Preparation: History as a subject can be divided into three major portions – Ancient, Medieval and Modern History wherein Modern history holds substantial weightage alone. In the recent trends of BPSC examination, the increasing number of questions from Modern India definitely should bring the focus of aspirants towards the right analysis and strategy for preparation of the subject.

History is another very vast & important subject if you’re preparing for 67th BPSC. Since the time left is less in the BPSC Prelim exam, so we should first decide how much time we can devote to it so that other subjects don’t get compromised. Questions asked are relatively easy. So, if you’ve read the History subject properly, then you would be able to solve all the questions in the BPSC PCS exam.

Candidates preparing for the BPSC exam must go through a detailed BPSC history syllabus. You can download the BPSC prelims history notes and begin your preparation. Regularly attempt BPSC mock test to test your preparation. 

BPSC History Syllabus

History is a subject that is relevant for both BPSC Prelims and Mains exams. BPSC also has a history optional subject in the Mains exam. Check the complete BPSC syllabus and go through the BPSC paper pattern to get started.

BPSC History Syllabus for Prelims:

The Prelims exam include Bihar’s history and major aspects of India’s history

  • In History, the emphasis will be on a broad understanding of the subject in its social, economic, and political dimensions.
  • The applicants should be familiar with a wide range of aspects of Bihar’s history, particularly the Indian National Movement and Bihar’s role in it. 
  • The nature and character of the nineteenth-century resurgence, expansion of nationalism, and accomplishment of independence will be addressed in questions about the Indian National Movement, and candidates will be expected to respond to questions about Bihar’s participation in the Indian freedom movement.

BPSC History Syllabus in Hindi:

For Prelims:

भारत और बिहार का इतिहास (बिहार के इतिहास के व्यापक पहलुओं के साथ विषय की सामान्य समझ)

For Mains: 

  • आधुनिक भारतीय इतिहास (और बिहार) – 19वीं सदी के मध्य से
  • महत्वपूर्ण व्यक्तित्व – महात्मा गांधी, जवाहरलाल नेहरू और रवींद्रनाथ टैगोर
  • बिहार में पश्चिमी शिक्षा और तकनीकी शिक्षा
  • भारतीय राष्ट्रीय आंदोलन में बिहार की भूमिका
  • संथाल विद्रोह
  • 1857 का स्वतंत्रता संग्राम
  • चंपारण सत्याग्रह
  • भारत छोड़ो आंदोलन 1942
  • मौर्य और पाल कला
  • पटना कलाम पेंटिंग

BPSC History Syllabus for Mains:

The BPSC Mains history position is included in General Studies Paper-1. The following topics are asked. 

  • Modern History of India and Indian culture
  • Role of Bihar in the Indian National Movement ( Santhal uprising, 1857 war of independence, Champaran Satyagraha, Quit India Movement 1942)
  • Mauryan and Pal Art
  • Patna Kalam Paintings

and more

BPSC History Questions

The number of questions asked every year from History. Candidates can download the BPSC question papers for Prelims & Mains to analyse the kind of history questions asked in the BPSC exam. 

Exam Number of Questions Difficulty Level
 66th BPSC  25  Moderate to Difficult
 65th BPSC  28  Easy

Some BPSC Prelims History Questions

 1. Which Mughal ruler established karkhanas for painting?
A. Humayun
B. Akbar
C. Jahangir
D. Shah Jahan
E. None of the Above/More than one of the above
 2. The famous battle of Wandiwash in 1760 was fought by the British against whom?
A. The French
B. Spain
C. Mysore
D. Carnatic
E. None of the Above/More than one of the above
 3. Which was the first capital of Mahajanapada Magadh?
A. Pataliputra
B. Vaishali
C. Champa
D. Anga
E. None of the Above/More than one of the above
 4. Which of the following person had participated actively in the Revlot of 1857?
A. Nana Saheb (Kanpur)
B. Begum Hazrat Mahal (Lucknow)
C. Maulavi Ahamdullah (Faizabad)
D. Begam Zeenat Mahal (Delhi)
E. None of the Above/More than one of the above
 5. For how many days did Dandi March Last?
A. 10 days
B. 20 days
C. 24 days
D. 30 days
E. None of the Above/More than one of the above

BPSC History Preparation Strategy

History requires more understanding and interpretation. To make history interesting, it should be read as a story. History means – from the beginning of the event to the end and the chains of events are related to each other. Those preparing for History subject must study these links with concepts.

*What to read?

Several books are on the market such as Bipin Chandra, Spectrum etc. however you may select any book and focus on it. Try to read that as many times as possible. In history, students seek 2 or 3 books to learn the topic in a comprehensive way. However, it is not necessary for the pupil to go into the trap and try to keep a book.

*How to Read?

The history should be regularly revised so that the subject studied can be remembered in the examination. When you read the book, you should strive to produce a summary. So you don’t have to read the complete book while reviewing, but you simply have to summarise it.


The synopsis should be done so that it may easily be remembered and revised. There should therefore be a synopsis of all acts such as the Council acts, Morley Minto Act, the Montague Chelmsford Act, etc. This helps to compare them at the same time.

There are some tips for proper preparation of history, which can give you better guidance.

  • Study the NCERT books from ninth to 12th closely.
  • Make notes on the main points from the books of famous historians.
  • Practice writing regularly which will help you to remember.
  • Check the newspaper regularly as it also discusses the events of very special history on different occasions which are not generally available.

Best Book for BPSC History

Check the list of BPSC books for history listed below. 

BPSC History Books
Ancient Indian History India’s Ancient Past by RS Sharma (Old NCERT)
Medieval Indian History A History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra (Old NCERT)
Modern Indian History Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra
Spectrum Modern History by Rajiv Ahir
Art and Culture Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania
Other Books Lucent’s General Knowledge

BPSC History Notes, Download Free PDFs

Download complete history notes for the upcoming BPSC exam from the direct link mentioned below. The study notes include BPSC history notes in Hindi pdf too. 

It is important to note that the experts have compiled all the BPSC study notes to cover all important topics of History. 

S. No


Study Material in English Link


Chronology of Indian History

Click Here


Indus Valley Civilization (IVC)

Click Here


Early Vedic Period (1500 BC – 1000 BC)

Click Here


Later Vedic period (1000 BC – 500 BC)

Click Here


Buddhism & Jainism

Click Here


Mahajanapadas, Haryanka Dynasty, Shishunaga Dynasty, Nanda Dynasty

Click Here


Maurya Period

Click Here


Foreign Invasions in India

Click Here


Kushana Empire

Click Here


Gupta Period

Click Here


Sangam Age

Click Here


Chalukya Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty

Click Here


Palas, Pratiharas and Rashtrakutas

Click Here


The Rajput States

Click Here


Vijaynagar and Bahmani Kingdoms

Click Here


Delhi Sultanate Part-1

Click Here


Delhi Sultanate Part-2

Click Here


Mughal Empire Part-1

Click Here


Mughal Empire Part-2

Click Here


Mughal Empire Part-3

Click Here


Mughal Empire Part-4

Click Here


Bhakti and Sufi Movement

Click Here


The advent of Europeans in India

Click Here


Peasant Movements in India: Civil Uprising

Click Here


Tribal Revolts in India

Click Here


Revolt of 1857

Click Here


Political & Socio-religious Organization Before INC

Click Here


Governor-General and Viceroy of India

Click Here


Indian National Movement (1885-1905)

Click Here


Indian National Movement (1905-1917)

Click Here


Newspapers and Journals during British India

Click Here


Indian National Movement (1917-1947)

Click Here


Education during the British Period

Click Here


Revolutionary Movements During British Period

Click Here


Development of Press during the British Period

Click Here


Post Independence Consolidation of India

Click Here


Land Revenue System

Click Here

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