BPSC Exam Analysis 2023: Detailed Subject-wise Prelims Paper Review

BPSC Exam Analysis 2023: Detailed Subject-wise Prelims Paper Review

BySATISH KUMAR GUPTA  |  Updated on: Sep 30, 2023
BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 was provided on 30 September for the Prelims exam. Aspirants can check 69th BPSC paper review here to know about the difficulty level, expected cut off, answer key of the exam.

69th BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 was shared here, which was successfully conducted for the Prelims exam on 30 September 2023 at all exam centres across Bihar. Candidates can check the detailed paper review for today's BPSC General Studies (GS) paper as per the feedback from the candidates who appeared for the actual exam. The BPSC paper review subject-wise difficulty level, questions asked, and question papers for all sets.

In addition, aspirants can also know the expected BPSC cut off and answer key along with the BPSC exam analysis. Knowing about the detailed BPSC paper review will inform you about their selection for the exam stage i,e, Mains. Check further details here on BPSC exam analysis.

BPSC Exam Analysis 2023

Aspirants can check the BPSC exam analysis 2023 as BPSC conducted it on 30 September. The 69th BPSC Exam was held in a single shift from 12 PM to 2 PM for General Studies (GS) paper. BPSC exam analysis provides a good insight into the details of the exam's difficulty level, questions asked, topic-wise discussion and more. The BPSC paper review has been updated here after taking feedback from the candidates who had taken the actual exam on the exam date.

On analyzing the feedback shared by the candidates who took the exam, BYJU'S Exam Prep experts have provided you with a comprehensive BPSC Prelims analysis. The BPSC exam analysis covers the subject-wise difficulty level, topics asked in the exam, the number of questions asked from each subject, expected cut-off, answer key for all sets and more.

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69th BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 - Exam Timing

BPSC conducted the 69th BPSC Prelims exam in one shift on 30 September. The Prelims exam has one General Studies paper. This time BPSC is holding the exam in 38 districts of Bihar at 1153 BPSC exam centres.

PaperExam DateExam Timing
General Studies30 September 202312 Noon to 2 PM

BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 - Difficulty Level

68th BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 has been updated below after the exam has been successfully completed in all exam centres of Bihar. You can check the detailed paper review below in the table. The following paper review table contains the number of questions asked from each subject and the difficulty level of each subject.

⇒ Check - How to Calculate BPSC Marks

BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 - Topics Wise

SubjectsNumber of questionsDifficulty Level
History and A&C30Moderate
General Science30Easy
Current Affairs (National + International)35Moderate-Difficult
Bihar Specific20Moderate
Aptitude & Reasoning10Moderate
Overall Difficulty Level150Moderate-Difficult

68th BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 in Hindi | बीपीएससी परीक्षा विश्लेषण हिंदी में

Candidates can also check the 68th BPSC exam analysis in Hindi in the table that is given below.

विषयविषयवार प्रश्नों की संख्याकठिनाई स्तर
राजनितिक विज्ञान10Moderate-Difficult
करंट अफेयर्स35Moderate-Difficult
बिहार विशेष20Moderate
सामान्य मानसिक योग्यता10Moderate

BPSC Exam Analysis 2023 - Questions Asked

Given below are the subject-wise questions asked in the 68th BPSC exam.

SubjectsQuestions Asked
Current Affairs (National + International)
  • What was the name of the last module launched by China's Theogong Space station?
  • Who was the DRDO chairman?
  • Which ministry organized Yuva 2.0?
  • At which IIT did President inaugurate the "param Kamroop" Supercomputer?


  • Which is the oldest Church of Bihar?​
  • Which Magzine was edited by Abdul Kalam Azad?
  • Who founded Swarag Dal?
  • In the 1906 Kolkata Session, organized by Indian National Congress, who hosted the Swaraj flag?
  • For what position was the word "Makkadam Ka Chaudhari" used during Delhi Sultanate's reign?
  • Who founded Vikramshila University?
  • In ancient times, what was the name of the southern region of Ganga?
  • Where the prime minister inaugurated the first green field airport, "Dony polo airport"?
  • To whom is the council of the ministry of state collectively responsible?
General Science
  • Part of the skeleton which can bend. (Ans. Cartiledge).​
  • In lichen, a chlorophyll-containing partner, _______ live together. (Ans. Algae and Viruses).
Bihar Economy
  • What is the Aim of SEZ Act of 2005?
  • Which Committee suggested enacting the Competition Act of 2002?
Aptitude & Reasoning
  • A rectangle has an area of 30 cm2 and a perimeter of 26 cm. Its sides (in cm) are: (Ans. 10, 3).
  • A shopkeeper offers a 10% discount on an item with a marked price of Rs. 400. If he charges 10% GST, then the item's final price is. (Ans. 396).

68th BPSC Question Paper 2023

You can download the 68th BPSC question paper 2023 PDF for the exam held on 12th February by clicking on the link provided below. The following questions have the 68th BPSC question paper for sets A, B, C, and D.

Download BPSC Question Paper

BPSC Expected Cut Off 2023

Aspirants can check the 68th BPSC expected cut-off marks for each candidate category in the following table. BPSC cut-off is crucial in determining your candidature for the next stage. The expected cut-off is calculated based on the following factors.

  • No. of vacancies for each category
  • No. of students appeared
  • The difficulty level of the question paper
Exam No. of Posts No. of Students Appeared

BPSC Expected Cut-off Marks (Out of 150)



68th BPSC Exam

281to be notified95-10090-9590-9585-9085-90

Previous Year BPSC Exam Analysis - 65th BPSC Prelims

BPSC Exam Analysis has been updated below after the exam has been successfully completed in all exam centres of Bihar. You can check the detailed paper review below in the table. The following given paper review table carries the number of questions asked from each subject and the difficulty level of each subject.

67th BPSC Exam Analysis - Topics Wise

SubjectsSubject-wise number of questionsDifficulty Level
History and A&C35Moderate
Polity10Easy to moderate
General Science30Moderate
Current Affairs (National + International)20Easy to Moderate
Bihar Specific15Moderate
Aptitude & Reasoning10Moderate
Overall Difficulty Level150 Easy to moderate

BPSC 67th Exam Analysis: Question Asked

Given below are the subject-wise questions asked in the BPSC exam.

SubjectsQuestions Asked
  • Who is known as 'Frontier Gandhi?
  • Where has Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmibai died?
  • Which district of Bihar is known as 'silk (B) Nickel and Ferrum city'?
  • The total geographical area of Bihar State is?
  • Electoral College Presidential Election of India consists of how many members?
  • The Indian President is eligible for re-election. How many times?
General Science
  • The ultimate substance carbohydrates are degraded is?
  • What type of lens is used in glass?
Bihar History
  • In which year the Chauri Revolt of Bihar took place?
  • Who was the Physician of Magadh ruler Bimbisara?
Bihar Economy
  • What was the total production of wheat in India as per the 4th advance estimates in the year?
  • The fiscal deficit is expected to be the GSDP of Bihar for the financial year 2022-23.
Current Affairs (National + International)
  • Elavenil Valarivan, Shreya Agarwal and Ramita, seen in the news, are associated with which sports?
  • Recently who has been assigned the charge
    of the Ministry of Minority Affairs?
Aptitude & Reasoning
  • A clock is set right at 6 a.m. It gains 10 minutes in 24 hours. What will be the right time when the clock indicates 11 a.m. on the next day?
  • The lengths of the diagonals of a rhombus are 10 cm and 24 cm. Is its perimeter?

Candidates who are preparing for further exams may check the detailed 66th BPSC Prelims Exam Analysis here after the exam. The 66th BPSC Exam analysis is available in both English and Hindi.

66th BPSC Exam Analysis
SubjectNo. of questionsDifficulty Level
History25Moderate to Difficult
Geography9Easy to Moderate
Polity7Moderate to difficult
Economy13Easy to Moderate
Environment & Ecology3Easy to Moderate
General Science28Easy to Moderate
Current Affairs (National + International)33Easy to Moderate
Bihar History7Easy to Moderate
Bihar Geography5Easy to Moderate
Bihar Economy4Easy to Moderate
Bihar Polity1Easy to Moderate
Bihar Current Affairs5Easy to Moderate
Aptitude & Reasoning10Easy to Moderate

Check Subject-wise 65th BPSC Question Paper Analysis. In the 65th BPSC prelims question paper, the maximum weightage is given to History, Polity, General Science and Current Affairs. The detailed subject-wise analysis follows:

SubjectNo. of questionsDifficulty Level
Environment & Ecology6Easy
General Science24Easy
Current Affairs (National + International)26Medium
Bihar History9Medium
Bihar Geography7Medium
Bihar Economy2Easy
Bihar Polity3Medium
Bihar Current Affairs1Medium
Aptitude & Reasoning10Medium
Total Questions- 150Overall Difficulty Level- Medium

Topic-wise 65th BPSC Question Paper Analysis

History Modern History

  • Founder of INC
  • Servants of Indian Society
  • Who said, "Swaraj is my birthright."
  • Kakori train robbery
  • First Satygarhi of Individual Satygarhi
  • Author of India for Indians Book

Medieval History

  • Mansabdari System
  • Mughal Painting reached its zenith under
  • Delhi Sultanate ruler under which max canals were built

Ancient History

  • Ashoka's name in the inscription


  • The largest producer of saffron in the world
  • The country which has the highest number of Island
  • The country which has the longest north-south Extention of its territory
  • Largest Producer of Uranium in the world
  • Hills closes Kanyakumari


  • The writ is known as "Postmortem."
  • Aam Aadmi Party
  • The largest number of members in the state legislature
  • Order of precedence
  • Panchayati Raj System


  • Economic Corridors in India are being developed with the help of Japan
  • Sixth Five-Year Plan

Environment & Ecology

  • Coral Reef
  • WLS in Bihar

General Science

  • AIDS caused by
  • Science of the study of bones
  • Human Body
  • Scalar Quantity
  • Hormones
  • Unit of Pressure
  • Which quantity does not have the unit
  • Sound Wave
  • Unit of electric power
  • Father of modern chemistry
  • Ammeter
  • Atoms and Element
  • Laughing gas
  • Natural Rubber

Current Affairs (National + International)

  • The mandal dam is on which river
  • 4th Session of UNEA-4 was held in
  • First camel hospital
  • Yonex All England Open badminton championship
  • New Delhi Declaration on Asian Rhinos
  • NAM-2019 Meeting was held in
  • Author of "A Gallary of Rascals"
  • Ikea opened in
  • Summer Olympics 2020 will be held in
  • BRICS Summit 2019

Bihar History

  • Bihar Socialist Party
  • Desher Katha
  • Searchlight Newspaper
  • Salt Satyagraha in Bhagalpur
  • Ambari Satyagraha
  • Megalithic site in Bihar
  • Creator of Modern Bihar
  • Bihar Provincial Kisan Sabha
  • Dutch East India Company established in Patna in
  • Swaraj Dal in Bihar

Bihar Geography

  • Forest Cover
  • The district, which has a longer length of the Ganga river
  • Bihar Census 2011: Highest Density
  • Bihar Census 2011: Sex Ratio

Bihar Economy

  • The tagline of the Bihar Tourist Development Corporation
  • Growth Rate of Territory sector in Bihar during the year 2017-18
  • GSDP of Bihar at Current Price

Bihar Polity

  • Bihar Diwas

Bihar Current Affairs

  • Bihar Ranking in Niti Aayog Health Index

Aptitude & Reasoning

  • Pipe and Cistern
  • Series
  • Train System
  • Number System
  • Algebra

BPSC Analysis FAQs

  • BPSC Exam Analysis can be checked here on BYJU'S Exam Prep on 12 February 2023 after completing the exam. The BPSC Prelims exam analysis will let you know the questions asked in the exam, the difficulty level of the question paper, subject-wise weightage, the answer key, and the expected cut-off.

  • BPSC exam analysis 2023 is a detailed paper review of the BPSC CCE examination. BPSC exam analysis is done by BYJU'S Exam Prep experts, who examine the question paper to provide you with knowledge about the difficulty level of the paper. In addition, the paper review also informs you of the subject-wise questions asked, expected cut off and answer key for all questions.

  • As per the BPSC exam analysis, the difficulty level will be updated here after the exam has been conducted successfully. We shall take feedback from the candidates who took the Prelims exam and will update the BPSC subject-wise difficulty level here.

  • The good attempts for the 68th BPSC will be updated here after the exam has been successfully completed on 12 February. You must note that since there is no negative marking in the BPSC exam, you can attempt as many questions as possible.

  • The questions asked in Today's BPSC exam 2023 will be updated here after completing the exam on 12 February 2023. You can check subject-wise questions asked in the 68th BPSC Prelims exam.


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