67th BPSC Environment & Ecology Preparation Tips

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

If one is preparing for the 67th BPSC examination then Environment and Ecology is also an important part of the preparation both in prelims as well as in the mains. Also, topics from Environment and ecology are also asked frequently in the personality test. Given the importance, the subject has in various stages of the BPSC exam, it is imminent to give extra importance to this subject. Here we have provided you with the best environment and ecology notes pdf for BPSC exam that will assist you in your exam preparation. 

Environment & Ecology Notes – Download PDF 

Download the BPSC Study Notes for Environment & Ecology to cover all important topics in a comprehensive manner. 

S. No.




Basic Terminology on Environment & Ecology Part-1 

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Basic Terminology on Environment & Ecology Part-2

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Biodiversity Hotspots in India & World

Click Here


Tiger Reserves in India

Click Here


Biosphere Reserves in India

Click Here


National Parks

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Ramsar Wetlands

Click Here


Environmental Conventions and Protocols

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Coral Reefs: Introduction, Types, Formation, Locations

Click Here


List of Environmental Organization in India

Click Here


What is Acid Rain: Causes, Effects, Solutions?

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Ozone Depletion: Causes, Effects, Solutions

Click Here


Ocean Acidification: Introduction, Causes, Effects and Solutions

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Environment Pollution: Types, Causes, Effects

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Biogeochemical Cycles

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Climate Change 

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Sulphur Cycle

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Phosphorus Cycle

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E-waste Management in India

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Solid Waste Management in India

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Usually, students devote a lot of time to subjects like polity, geography and history but not enough to the environment and ecology portion. Since questions from the core subjects like geography, Polity and history are asked in similar quantity as that of Environment so it is required that equal attention is given to the dynamic subjects like Environment and Ecology. 

Environment & Ecology Questions Weightage in BPSC

Check the number of questions asked every year from Environment & Ecology.

Exam Number of Questions Difficulty Level
 66th BPSC 3  Easy to Moderate
 65th BPSC  6  Easy

Check BPSC Exam Syllabus to get a better understanding of the topics to be covered under Environment & Ecology section

Environment & Ecology Preparation Strategy

*What to Read

One of the main problems is that there is a question of sources from which to read in the thinking of aspirants. Either you don’t know which books you can read or you can read too many books and web articles to believe you covered the whole issue.

One cannot read every topic in subjects like Environment and Ecology, as their contents are wide and the contents are not rigid and the subjects are dynamic so that the contents they read are limited in order to use the quality.

Difficulty in Understanding

The difficulty to understand the notion in the first reading is a key challenge with these topics. Through reading these subjects, aspirants become bored and indifferent. Therefore, patience is the essential factor needed to prepare the subject. When a student reads the same information twice to three times, he finds it easy and intriguing. But at least five times should be reviewed to remind you of the contents examined.

Covering Current Affairs

The environment is a dynamic topic and hence requires a dynamic approach as well. Questions about environmental, ecological and biodiversity events in the last year or so are asked. Aspirants must be well informed of these occurrences. The BPSC Prelims Paper has more frequently asked questions about international organizations, conventions etc, as they are so asked of current occurrences, thus it is very vital to review and read them.

Best Books for BPSC Environment & Ecology

For the environment and ecology, students should choose a book that contains all the key principles and basic data and besides that, the newspapers etc. must cover all other dynamic parts. Check all the BPSC Books for both Prelims and Mains. 

  • For the static part, refer to the NCERT textbooks of Geography (classes VI to XII), biology (classes XI and XII) (Download NCERT Books
  • India Year Book: Environment and Geography Chapters
  • The Hindu and Down to Earth newspaper
  • Science Reporter magazine

One of the basic books should be selected by the students. You should read it at least three times, even if you are bothered to read it.

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