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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Fear is natural in a dangerous scenario. Phobias, on the other hand, are unreasonable fears that go beyond normal dread. Phobias can be associated with a fear of an animal, an object, a location, or a circumstance. Despite the fact that the source of the dread poses no actual threat or danger, the person is overcome with fear.

The awareness and understanding of important phobias lists are essential because this section is covered in the general awareness section of numerous government and competitive exams.

What is a Phobia?

A phobia is an irrational fear of a certain stimulus, such as elevators, needles, or animals. A specific phobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which people experience the terror that is out of proportion to the actual risk that the phobia’s source poses. For example, flying can be harmful in rare circumstances, such as a plane disaster, yet most people believe that a crash is unusual and that flying is normally safe. A person who has a special fear of flying will regard getting on a plane as a life-threatening risk.

What are the Different Types of Phobias?

Phobias are unfounded, persistent, and unreasonable dread of a specific object or scenario. Certain objects and situations trigger specific phobias. Fears of animals, natural surroundings, medical conditions, or certain scenarios are common.

  1. Fears about animals (spiders, dogs, insects)
  2. Fears about the natural world (heights, thunder, darkness)
  3. Fears of blood, harm, or medical problems (injections, broken bones, falls)
  4. Certain situations-related anxieties (flying, riding an elevator, driving)
  5. Others (fear of choking, loud noises, drowning)

List of Phobias (Fear) with Meaning

In this blog, we’ll look at the various common types of phobias that people have. The terms are presented in alphabetical order in the lists. Go through the lists of phobias provided to prepare for the upcoming govt. exams.

Name of Phobia Meaning 
achluophobia fear of darkness
acrophobia fear of heights
aerophobia fear of flying
algophobia fear of pain
alektorophobia fear of chickens
agoraphobia fear of public spaces or crowds
aichmophobia fear of needles or pointed objects
ailurophobia fear of cats
amaxophobia fear of riding in a car
androphobia fear of men
anginophobia fear of angina or choking
anthophobia fear of flowers
anthropophobia fear of people or society
aphenphosmphobia fear of being touched
arachnophobia fear of spiders
arithmophobia fear of numbers
astraphobia fear of thunder and lightning
ataxophobia fear of disorder or untidiness
atelophobia fear of imperfection
atychiphobia fear of failure
autophobia fear of being alone
bacteriophobia fear of bacteria
barophobia fear of gravity
bathmophobia fear of stairs or steep slopes
batrachophobia fear of amphibians
belonephobia fear of pins and needles
bibliophobia fear of books
botanophobia fear of plants
cacophobia fear of ugliness
catagelophobia fear of being ridiculed
catoptrophobia fear of mirrors
chionophobia fear of snow
chromophobia fear of colors
chronomentrophobia fear of clocks
cibophobia fear of food
claustrophobia fear of confined spaces
coulrophobia fear of clowns
cyberphobia fear of computers
cynophobia fear of dogs
dendrophobia fear of trees
dentophobia fear of dentists
domatophobia fear of houses
dystychiphobia fear of accidents
entomophobia fear of insects
ephebiphobia fear of teenagers
equinophobia fear of horses
gamophobia fear of marriage or commitment
genuphobia fear of knees
glossophobia fear of speaking in public
gynophobia fear of women
heliophobia fear of the sun
hemophobia fear of blood
herpetophobia fear of reptiles
hydrophobia fear of water
hypochondria fear of illness
iatrophobia fear of doctors
insectophobia fear of insects
koinoniphobia fear of rooms full of people
leukophobia fear of the color white
lilapsophobia fear of tornadoes and hurricanes
lockiophobia fear of childbirth
mageirocophobia fear of cooking
megalophobia fear of large things
melanophobia fear of the color black
microphobia fear of small things
mysophobia fear of dirt and germs
necrophobia fear of death or dead things
noctiphobia fear of the night
nosocomephobia fear of hospitals
nyctophobia fear of the dark
obesophobia fear of gaining weight
octophobia fear of the number 8
ombrophobia fear of rain
ophidiophobia fear of snakes
ornithophobia fear of birds
papyrophobia fear of paper
pathophobia fear of disease
pedophobia fear of children
philophobia fear of love
phobophobia fear of phobias
podophobia fear of feet
pogonophobia fear of beards
porphyrophobia fear of the color purple
pteridophobia fear of ferns
pteromerhanophobia fear of flying
pyrophobia fear of fire
samhainophobia fear of Halloween
scolionophobia fear of school
selenophobia fear of the moon
sociophobia fear of social evaluation
somniphobia fear of sleep
tachophobia fear of speed
technophobia fear of technology
tonitrophobia fear of thunder
venustraphobia fear of beautiful women
verminophobia fear of germs
wiccaphobia fear of witches and witchcraft
xenophobia fear of strangers or foreigners
zoophobia fear of animals

List of Phobias PDF

You can expect questions from this chapter if you are a govt job aspirant. You can download the most important list of phobias for the competitive exams by clicking the direct link provided below.

Download List of Phobias PDF

So this is all about the meaning and types of phobia, a list of all the important phobias relevant to govt exams and finally, we have provided the list of phobias PDF to prepare offline at your own convenience.

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