Data Interpretation for SBI Clerk 2022 Download PDF!

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Data Interpretation consists of an integral part of the SBI Clerk exam 2022. You must get around 10-15 questions from this chapter in the exam. Students used to skip this chapter. But honestly, these questions can be easily solved if practiced in a smart way at home.

Subtopics like bar graphs, line graphs, table charts, pie charts, cases, and mixed charts are included in the data interpretation chapter. They are asked as a series of five, thus answering them correctly can easily fetch you five marks. In this article, a PDF of the 60 most important data interpretation questions for SBI Clerk 2022 is shared, including all subtopics of DI. To help you prepare well, Data Interpretation for SBI Clerk exam 2022 PDF is given in this article.

What is Data Interpretation?

Data interpretation is a process of making a final decision based on some raw data represented in the form of a bar graph, line graph, pie chart, or some form of graph through the data analysis process. You just have to find the answer based on some preset conditions given in the question.

Data Interpretation for SBI Clerk 2022 Download PDF!

Types of Data Interpretation for SBI Clerk:

There are various types of data interpretation questions that you may encounter in the upcoming SBI Clerk exams of 2022. Various types of Data Interpretation for the SBI Clerk exam are mentioned below.

Data Interpretation for SBI Clerk 2022 Download PDF!


1. Line Graph

2. Pie Chart

3. Bar Graph

4.Caselet/ Paragraph DI

5. Mixed Graphs

6. Missing DI

7. Table Graph

Importance of Data Interpretation for SBI Clerk 2022

Data Interpretation is an important topic in the Quantitative Aptitude section of the SBI Clerk exam. Kindly understand its importance before starting preparation.

  • You can expect around 5-10 questions from this section in prelims and around 15-25 questions in the mains.
  • Also in the main, you can expect around 50% of the questions from this chapter.
  • So with proper strategy and preparation, you can easily score good marks in the quantitative aptitude section.
  • You just have to build a strong foundation of basic calculations like addition, average, percentage, etc.

Some Questions of the PDF:

1. The total runs scored by India and Pakistan in Match 4 together is approximately what percentage of the total runs scored by Bangladesh in all the five matches together?
A. 50% B. 68% C. 36% D. 54% E. 48%

2. In which match is the difference between the runs scored by Pakistan and Bangladesh the second lowest?
A. Match 1 B. Match 2 C. Match 3 D. Match 4 E. Match 5

3. In which match is the total runs scored by India and Bangladesh together with the third-highest/ lowest?
A. Match 1 B. Match 2 C. Match 3 D. Match 4 E. Match 5

4. What is the ratio of the runs scored by India in Match 5, Pakistan in Match 1, and Bangladesh in Match 2?
A. 11 : 13: 17 B. 11: 17: 13 C. 12 : 16: 11 D. 12: 13: 9 E. None of these

5. What are the approximate average runs scored by all three teams in Match 3 together?
A. 337 B. 370 C. 375 D. 285 E. None of these

Download Data Interpretation PDF for SBI Clerk 2022

Kindly click the below links to download the PDF of 60 questions of Data interpretation for SBI clerk 2022. Practice all the questions and check the solution properly.

Data Interpretation Questions for SBI Clerk Exam (English), Download PDF! 

Data Interpretation Questions in Hindi, Download PDF!

Solutions of Data Interpretation Questions, Download PDF!

All data interpretation questions are created to the level of bank clerical exams. At least two data interpretation questions, each with a moderate and high difficulty level, are from the same subtopic. All candidates studying for banking exams should practice all of these crucial questions in order to do well on the exam. Go over the study notes for each topic using the links provided below to clear up any doubts or difficulties you may have.

Expert Tips to Ace Data Interpretation for SBI Clerk

  • Go through the previous year’s SBI Clerk question paper to understand the importance of this topic.
  • Also, observe the pattern and types of questions asked on this topic.
  • Try to be excellent in topics like percentage, average, and ratio. These 3 are very important topics and widely applied in solving DI.

Data Interpretation for SBI Clerk 2022 Download PDF!

The data interpretation chapter is also important for the following bank exams.


Name of the exam


SBI Clerk




IBPS Clerk






RBI Assistant


 RBI Grade-B




 Bihar State Cooperative Bank


 SBI Apprentice


 Bank Note Press Dewas





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Data Interpretation for SBI Clerk 2022 Download PDF!

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