How to Solve Bar Chart Questions in DI? Tips & Tricks

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

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Data Interpretation is one of the important topics which is asked in Banking exams. We are providing you with the Important Short Tricks on Bar Chart Questions in Data Interpretation which are usually asked in Bank Exams. Use these short cuts to solve questions within minimum time. These shortcuts will be very helpful for your upcoming All Bank Exams.

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Bar Graphs


In this article, we are discussing the Bar Graphs in a manner which is comparatively lucid. Don’t worry, we will cover the rest of the types in the upcoming articles. If you want to fully understand the techniques, you will have to pay attention to each and everything that’s been taught here.

Reading Bar Graphs

A bar graph looks like the following:

A number of players participating in three different games from six different countries:

Along the X-axis (horizontal axis), we have some numbers. Along the Y-axis (vertical axis), we have some other numbers. And in between the area, we have some Bars. Try to understand the data that’s been presented here.

Finding it a bit difficult? Of course, it’s difficult because you don’t know what these bars represent.

Now, try to understand the same bar chart, but with the headings.

This won’t be difficult. From the above bar graph, we conclude that:

  • Three different bars represent three different games: Football, Cricket, and Badminton.
  • On the X-axis, we have a number of countries from 1 to 6.
  • On the Y-axis we have the number of players.
  • The length of the Bars denotes the number of players.

CONCEPT 1: Before you solve any of the questions, first you have to understand what the Bar Graph is trying to say. Make a habit of scanning the headings first. You have to understand what’s on the X-axis, what’s on the Y-axis, what’s the relation between these two in terms of the length of Bars. There will be five questions based on one Bar Graph and that means you can get five full marks if and only if you understand the format of data that is presented in the question. That’s what Data Interpretation actually means!!

Let’s proceed to solving five questions based upon this Bar Graph.

Sample Questions

Question 1: The number of players participating in Cricket from the country–4 is what percentage of the number of players participating in Badminton from the country–1?

[1] 177.77%
[2] 176.78%
[3] 178.87%
[4] 180.82%
[5] 179.97%

CONCEPT 2: From this question, we conclude that: data in Bar Graph tell us so many things. But it’s pointless to waste time interpreting all the data. It’s not necessary to know how many Football players or Badminton players are from Country-4 or from Country-6. Interpret what’s necessary!

Just point out Cricket players from Country-4 = 80 players. A number of Badminton players from Country-1 = 45 players. The rest is just the application of percentage formula.
Percentage = 80/45 * 100 = 177.77%

Question 2: What is the total number of players participating in Cricket from country 4, 5 and 6 and the number of players participating in Football from country 1, 2 and 3?

[1] 335
[2] 635
[3] 435
[4] 535
[5] 235

Applying Lesson number two, Number of Cricket players from Country 4, 5 and 6 = [80+70+60] = 210.
Number of Football players from Country 1, 2 and 3 = [65+70+90] = 225.
And 210+225 = 435

Question 3: The number of players participating in Badminton from all the country is what percentage of the total number of players participating in all the games from country–3?

[1] 134%
[2] 164%
[3] 126%
[4] 157%
[5] 138%

Badminton players from all countries = [45+40+95+85+95+65] = 425. Total players from all games from Country-3 = [90+85+95] = 270. Required Percentage = [425/270]*100 ≈ 157%

Question 4: In which country is the number of players participating in Football is the highest and the number of players participating in Badminton is the lowest?

[1] Country 3 & 2
[2] Country 4 & 6
[3] Country 3 & 4
[4] Country 5 & 1
[5] Country 2 & 5

CONCEPT 3: These sort of questions are pretty easy to solve. Just interpret the data in your mind. Check the length of the Bars. The answer will surely come.

Football highest = 90 = Country-3 and Badminton lowest = 40 = Country-2

Question 5: 60% of players participating in all game from country-5 are male and 30% players participating in all game from country-3 are female. What will be their ratio?

[1] 127:170
[2] 13:7
[3] 49:27
[4] 87:55
[5] 270:126

Number of players from all games of Country-5 = [80+70+95] = 245. 60% of 245 = 147
Number of players from all games of Country-3 = [90+85+95] = 270. 30% of 270 = 81
Number of players from all games of Country-3: we already have calculated this number before in Question 3.

CONCEPT 4: Sometimes the calculation of one questions helps in the calculation of some other question.
In this question, the ratio is = 147:81 = 49:27



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