What is the Dimensional Formula of Strain?

By K Balaji|Updated : October 6th, 2022
  1. M0L0T0
  2. M1L-1T-2
  3. M0L0T-1
  4. None of the above

The dimensional formula of strain is M0L0T0. Any physical quantity can be measured by comparing it to a basic, arbitrary, and widely recognised reference standard known as a unit, and a dimension is a mathematical tool for understanding the nature of physical quantities.

  • The fundamental idea behind dimensions is that only quantities with the same dimensions can be added or subtracted.
  • The expression of the physical quantity in terms of mass, length, and time is what is meant by the dimensional formula.


  • Strain is defined as the configuration change relative to the initial configuration.

Strain = Change in dimension/ Original dimension = x/L

  • Being the ratio of two similar values, strain has neither units nor dimensions. It lacks dimension.
  • Its dimension can be expressed as M0L0T0

Strains are of three types

Longitudinal strain - It is the ratio of change in length to the original length.

Longitudinal strain = Δ l /l

Shearing strain - It is the ratio of change in angle to which it is turned to its distance from the fixed layer.

Shearing strain = Δ l /l

Volumetric strain - It is the ratio of change in volume to the original volume.

Volumetric strain = Δv/v


What is the Dimensional Formula of Strain? M0L0T0, M1L-1T-2, M0L0T-1, None of the above

M0L0T0 is the dimensional formula of strain. It is the ratio of change in dimension to original dimension.

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