Difference Between IAS and IPS – IAS vs IPS Full Form, Salary, Powers

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Difference between IAS and IPS: IAS full form is Indian Administrative Service, and IPS stands for Indian Police Service. Both IAS and IPS are the most coveted civil services in India. Getting into these services is challenging and a matter of immense pride and responsibility. There is a difference between IAS and IPS officers, especially regarding their salary, functions, responsibilities, etc.

IAS and IPS are prestigious posts. While IAS deals with public administration, IPS maintains law and order in the country. IAS vs IPS difference in traits is that IAS officers must be truthful, strong-minded and possess patriotic feelings in them, while IPS officers must be brave, tolerant, and modest. This article will cover the difference between IAS and IPS in terms of power, ranks, responsibilities, training, promotion, etc.


A significant difference between IAS and IPS is that IAS is offered to top-ranking candidates, whereas IPS are the next best alternative in the Civil Services Examination. However, it is also the candidate’s choice if they want to opt for IAS or IPS. In the past, most candidates passing higher ranks in the UPSC Exam opted for Indian Administrative Service.

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IAS has been the most popular civil service in India, and it can be due to various factors. Below we will discuss the IAS and IPS difference considering various factors like the full form of IAS and IPS, their salary, responsibilities, hierarchy, training, promotion, etc.

IAS vs IPS – Controlling Authorities

The controlling authority for IAS is the Department of Personnel and Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pension. The IPS Cadre is controlled by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Difference Between IAS and IPS

Here is an overview of the IAS and IPS differences in a tabular arrangement. Both posts are prestigious in their own way and differ from one another based on the responsibilities they perform, overall salary structure, training location, and so on.


IAS (Indian Administrative Services) IPS (Indian Police Services)
IAS is the topmost position among all Civil services post The second topmost position after IAS is IPS
The candidates who attain the highest ranks in the UPSC exam are allotted IAS posts IPS officers receive their designation after the top-rank holders attain IAS posts
An IAS officer is allocated to ministries and the government divisions An IPS officer is a person who belongs to the Indian Police Department
They help in Public Administration, Formulation and Implementation of Policies They are tasked with analyzing crime and handling public order in their posted area
Training is done at LBSNAA in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand Training is done at SVPNPA in Hyderabad, Telangana
The basic Salary of an IAS officer is Rs. 56,100 (HRA and TA are Extra) The salary range of an IPS officer is 56,100 INR – 2,25,000 INR per month

IAS vs IPS – Responsibilities

Below we have mentioned the difference between IAS and IPS officers in terms of responsibilities. IAS and IPS differ from each other in terms of the roles and responsibilities that they are pursuing.

IAS Roles and Responsibilities

  • IAS officers look after the administration of an area, district, or department.
  • They also make proposals and have other executive powers to implement policies for the development of their areas.
  • IAS officers are also answerable to the State and Central governments.

IPS Roles and Responsibilities

  • One of the major responsibilities of IPS officers is to maintain law and order in society, apart from investigating crime and ensuring public safety.
  • In simple words, the primary role of IPS is to maintain peace and public safety.

Difference Between IAS and IPS Ranks

Hierarchy-wise, IAS is above IPS, mainly because of the nature of the responsibilities. In addition to implementing government policies, several district departments also come under IAS.

An IPS officer only has the responsibility of one department. However, an IPS officer holds a high position and has enormous power in municipal corporations, municipalities, etc.

IAS vs IPS: Selection Process

A prominent difference between IAS And IPS Selection Process is that only top-ranking candidates can be recruited as IAS officers, and IPS is the second-best alternative. IAS and IPS officers are selected through the Civil Services Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission.

  • The CSE is conducted in three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Personality Test.
  • Candidates must clear all three stages of the UPSC exam and secure good ranks to become IAS and IPS officers.
  • The eligibility criteria and the selection process for Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service are almost identical.

IAS and IPS Difference in Training

An IAS cadre officer is trained in the administration, management of manpower, etc. The top-ranking candidate in the training course receives President’s Gold Medal for management. IAS officers are trained at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.

IPS training is more rigorous and involves physical training and law enforcement activities. Although a medical exam is common for both, IPS officers must also meet certain physical requirements like height, weight, etc. The top-ranking candidate in training is rewarded the Prime Minister’s Baton. Training of IPS officers is held at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Highest Promotion of IAS vs IPS

There is a difference between IAS And IPS based on the promotions granted. Diligent Officers are entitled to be promoted to higher roles and responsibilities.

Highest Promotions for an IAS officer in India:

  • Appointment as a Cabinet Secretary for which only one IAS officer is appointed.
  • Post of a Chief Secretary.
  • Post of a Home Secretary

Highest Posts for an IPS Officer in India:

  • The Director-General of Police of the state is one of the highest posts for an IPS officer.
  • However, in Central Government, an IPS officer can also be appointed as CBI, RAW, and IB director.
  • They can also be India’s National Security Adviser.

IAS Salary vs IPS Salary

Although the starting salary for both is the same, the pay scale for IAS officers is slightly larger. The entry-level IAS Salary is INR 56,100 (without TA, HRA, and DA). The salary of an IAS officer is after the 7th Pay Commission.

In comparison to IAS, the pay scale of IPS officers is lower. IPS Salary is also after the 7th Pay Commission, and it ranges from 56,100 INR per month to as high as 2,25,000 INR per month upon attaining the post of the Director-General of Police (DGP). Both IAS and IPS get the benefits of accommodation, transport, house help, healthcare, etc.

Difference Between IAS And IPS Uniform

One can easily identify the difference between IAS And IPS uniforms. The IAS officers don’t have any specific uniform, and they wear formal at events. However, the IPS officer does have a special uniform, which varies with rank and promotion at every level.

  • But A string, national emblem, and sword are mandatory for every rank.
  • On special occasions like Republic Day and Independence Day, IPS officers must be in full uniform.

IAS or IPS Who is More Powerful?

Both Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service are high-grade profiles. IAS controls many departments, and IPS are responsible for administering specific departments. Both services have different roles and responsibilities to take care of.

  • However, IAS is considered more powerful than IPS due to Power and Authority.
  • IAS officers have to deal with the responsibility of all departments existing in their districts, but IPS officers only deal with their departments.

IPS vs IAS – What to Choose?

IPS vs IAS is a hot debate with no conclusion, as both services are prestigious in their own field. It depends on what the candidate wants. They must remember that clearing IAS Exam or IPS Exam is not a cakewalk. It requires determination, hard work, and effective strategy.

  • However, if you don’t like riots, crime, and law and order issues, then IPS is not for you.
  • On the other hand, IAS has harmony in service patterns, and they have to manage the issue independently.
  • Apart from tons of benefits, both these services are highly challenging.
  • Candidates need to be mindful of what he/she wants and have to be goal-oriented.
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