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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

IFS Salary is one of the most lucrative factors that drive the aspirations to be a part Indian Foreign Service. Indian Foreign Service (IFS) has been considered one of the most lucrative jobs. It has maintained its aura over time and is one of the most prestigious Civil Services posts. The cumulative IFS Officer salary is ₹60000 per month. The grade pay of the Officers ranges from ₹5400 to ₹10,000. The main and primary roles and responsibilities taken up by the Indian Foreign Services Officers are to govern foreign relations and also to direct diplomacy in India.

In cumulative with the lucrative Indian Foreign Service Salary, the IFS officers are facilitated with free transportation, accommodation, retirement benefits, pension, etc. Here we will cover the IFS salary per month based on rank and post and other benefits that come along with it.

IFS Salary

The IFS Officer Salary is in accordance with the location where the officer is currently posted. The officers who have got postings in foreign countries will be facilitated with Special Foreign Allowance which is determined by the Purchasing Power in that specific country. This means those who are posted abroad have a different salary structure than IFS Salary in India. Let’s take a look at the IFS Officer Salary based on the grade and rank below.
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IFS Officer Salary Structure

IFS Salary is considered according to the ranks given to the IFS Officer. In the table below, we have mentioned the list of grading officers along with the ranks and salaries.

Indian Foreign Service Salary – Grade Rank Basic IFS Salary per Month IFS Officer Salary Grade Pay
Junior Time Scale Under Secretary ₹8000 ₹5400
Senior Time Scale Under Secretary ₹10700 ₹6600
Junior Administrative Scale Deputy Secretary ₹12750 ₹7600
Selection Grade Counselor Director ₹15100 ₹8700
Senior Administrative Scale Joint Secretary ₹18400 ₹10000
High Commissioner / Ambassador Foreign Secretary ₹26000 (Fixed)

IFS Salary with Special Foreign Allowance

The cumulative IFS Salary is around ₹60,000 per month comprising all the allowances and perks. But this amount is different if an IFS officer is posted outside the country. The Special Foreign Allowance is given to those who live outside India, making a huge difference in the IFS salary structure.

For example, if an IFS officer has got posting in the United States of America, in Indian Embassy, then they would be furnished around ₹2.40 lakhs monthly. The main reason for the purchasing power in other countries is inflated, so the IFS officer is facilitated with the Special Foreign Allowance. The Special Foreign Allowance in IFS Salary in India varies with where the officer is posted.

IFS Salary per Month

As per the pay band and including all the allowances, the IFS Officer salary per month is approximately ₹60,000 per month. As mentioned earlier, the amount varies as per the posting and country of residence.

Pay Scale of Indian Foreign Service Salary

The IFS Officer Salary Pay Band depends on the grade. Let’s take a look at what the pay band looks like for different grades.

  • Junior Scale: A newly appointed IFS Officer’s Salary would be 15,000-39,000 INR.
  • Senior Scales: IFS Salary for senior scales ranges from 15,600 to 67,000 INR.
  • Super Time Scale: It takes 20 years for the IFS officer to reach this grade, and the salary would be 37,400-67,000 INR.
  • Above Super Time Scale: The IFS salary for the above super time scale ranges from 37,400-90000.

IFS Officer Salary for Senior Scales

It is divided into 3 major categories and the Salary of IFS Officer belonging to these scales is mentioned below.

Grade Pay Band Grade Pay – IFS Salary
Senior Time Scale 15600-39100 INR 6600 INR
Junior Administrative Grade 15,600-39,100 INR 7,600 INR
Selection Grade 37,400-67,000 INR 8,700 INR
Super Time Scale 37,400-67,000 INR

IFS Salary for Above Super Time Scale

The salary of Indian Foreign Service Officer above the Super Time Scale is also divided into 3 major categories.

Grade Pay Band Grade Pay – IFS Salary
Super Time Scale 37,000-67,000 INR 12,000 INR
Apex Pay Scale 80,000 INR (Fixed)
Cabinet Secretary 90,000 INR (Fixed)

Perks of IFS Officer

The 7th pay commission is responsible for reviewing and examining IFS salary. There are many benefits offered to the IFS officers under the 7th pay commission. The IFS Officer’s Salary increases when he/she moves to a senior level. Additionally, the IFS officers get allowances and other perks, such as-

  • There is a yearly increment in the IFS Officer’s Salary.
  • The IFS officer gets Dearness Allowance and House Rent Allowance.
  • Cars for commission, household helpers, and security guards are also provided to them.
  • IFS officers get medical benefits as well.
  • They get retirement benefits, a pension, and a free phone call facility.
  • They also get accommodation in 2 BHK flats or 3 BHK at cheap rates. Know more about the Life of an IFS Officer.
  • IFS officers are also eligible for Gratuity.

IFS Officer Job Profile

The IFS officer is endowed with the responsibility to manage numerous issues in India as well as abroad.

  • They are responsible for External Affairs and all areas of external relations.
  • They are representatives of India in its High Commission, Embassies, Consulates, and Permanent Mission to multilateral organizations.
  • They discuss problems with the authorities and safeguard India’s National Interests.
  • Their responsibilities also include promoting friendly relations.
  • IFS officers also manage facilities for foreigners and Indian Nationals Abroad.

IFS Officer Salary and Career Growth

IFS Officers’ Salary increase when they get promoted to higher positions. Below we have covered information related to the career growth of an IFS officer.

The IFS officer starts their career as a Third Secretary, and They get promoted to Second Secretary when they get confirmation about their selection. With time they get various promotions to higher levels. The levels to which the IFS Officers can get promoted have been listed here-

  1. First secretary
  2. Counselor
  3. Minister
  4. Ambassador
  5. High Commissioner
  6. Permanent Representative
  • At the highest level, IFS officers are also appointed as Indian Consulates Abroad.
  • There are various posts for IFS officers in India, such as Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, Secretary, and Additional Secretary. And above, we have mentioned the IFS Officer Salary for these levels.

IAS vs. IFS Officer Salary

The basic salary of an IAS officer is INR 56,100, excluding allowances. IAS officers get allowances like House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Travel Allowance, etc. On the other hand, the IFS salary is around INR 60,000 per month, including all the allowances. Further, if the IFS officer is posted outside India, then he/she is liable to receive Special Foreign Allowance, and in this scenario, the IFS Officer’s Salary may go up to INR 2.40 lakhs depending on the country.

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