How to get Home Cadre in IAS? – Best Cadre for IAS

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

After clearing all three rounds of the UPSC exam, the next query on the candidate’s mind is how to get home cadre in IAS. Cadre Allocation is a procedure by which the selected UPSC candidates are allocated a cadre. It is decided based on their merit rank, preference, and the number of vacancies available. Commonly, an IAS or IPS officer cannot change their home cadre, yet there is a slight possibility.

A selected officer can get a home cadre, which is considered the best cadre for IAS, if they have attained a significantly high rank or if there are available vacancies in their home state for their particular category during the same year. The first preference for cadre must be given to the respective home state of the candidate. Through this article, aspirants can obtain unique ideas on getting home cadre in IAS and how an IAS officer can change the allocated cadre.

What is Home Cadre in IAS?

The home cadre is the home state of an IAS officer. The Indian Government keeps an outsider-to-insider balance of IAS officers in any Indian State as 2:1. Therefore, in exceptionally few cases, an IAS officer gets allocated to his/her home State.

Generally, candidates are never allotted their home State. There are fewer examples wherein an officer can alter his cadre. Candidates of IAS, IPS, or IFoS Services can get any cadre according to their preference from the 5 UPSC cadre zones under the new UPSC Cadre Allocation Policy, 2017.

Strategy to Choose Best Cadre for IAS

The best cadre for IAS officers depends on many variables. The home state is the best location to function as one understands the place and essence of people well in that particular area.

  • While picking that framework, the claimant always focuses on the area from which they belong.
  • For instance, if one hails from North India, they will prefer a North Indian State.
  • If the candidate picks from the list of North Indian states, they will search for the language they are comfortable with for communicating.
  • The Central and eastern Indian Cadres are typically very complicated, including most of Orissa, Haryana, and Jharkhand’s Naxal Affected Cadres, Chhattisgarh, and Punjab.
  • Gujarat is the strongest among the rest of the Cadres.

Rules to Change Home Cadre in IAS

Check here the rules to change home cadre in IAS as recommended and accepted by the Commission:

  • The power to authorize inter-state transfers based on marriage is entrusted to the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) secretary.
  • ACC, or the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, regulates exceptional cases.
  • In case a couple belongs to different All India services, and one spouse is an IAS officer, the issue is carried out in the DoPT.
  • On the other hand, if one partner belongs to the IPS and the another is an IFoS, the case would be viewed by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • An officer can ask for a change in his existing cadre on marriage to a different officer of a separate cadre.
  • But, there would be no approval to alter the cadre to their home state.
  • The first attempt in a case of inter-cadre transfer on the grounds of marriage must be to assure that the cadre of the partner accepts the officer.
  • The Government considers transferring both spouses’ to a new cadre in case both their cadres do not accept either of the officials.
  • Inter-cadre is only possible wherein both the married couples are IAS officers. It is not allowed if an IAS officer to marry another state/central/public sector project worker.
  • Cadre can be changed and is permitted in case of severe emergencies.
  • Another option is delegation to another cadre or their home cadre only if they have finished 9 years of service.
  • The maximum tenure for officers to remain in the home cadre is 5 years, not greater than 3 years at a stretch.
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