An Under-Reinforced Section Means

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 4th, 2022

An under-reinforced section means-

  1. Only the underside is furnished with steel.
  2. Steel provided is insufficient.
  3. Steel provided on one face only.
  4. Steel will yield first.

Answer: Option D.  Steel will yield first.

An under-reinforced section means steel will yield first.


The section is referred to as an under-reinforced section if the depth of the actual neutral axis (n) is smaller than the depth of the critical neutral axis (nc). Here the steel in the tensile zone reaches its maximum stress before the concrete in the compressive zone.Therefore, an under-reinforced section means steel will be yielding first.

Since the steel fails first and there is enough time before collapse in an under-reinforced part, the failure is said to be ductile. The under-reinforced sections are favoured by designers because of ductile failure and cost.

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