What is The Capital City of Australia?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

The Eighth largest city in Australia, Canberra, is the National capital of Australia. It is located between Sydney and Melbourne at the northern tip of the Australian Alps. Australia is not only one of the smallest countries in the world but also one of the 7 continents across the globe. Before Canberra, Melbourne was the capital of Australia till 1927.

History of Canberra

When the country gained independence, Melbourne City was chosen as the capital city until the Federal city gets constructed. The place where Canberra is currently located was inhabited. Now, Canberra is the home of politics in Australia. Also, it has become a hub for history and culture for the country, attracting people from all over the world.

There are several other landmarks are located in the city like the Australian War Memorial, Royal Australian Mint, National Museum, National Gallery, and the Australian Parliament house.

Quick Facts About Australia and Canberra

  •  Australia is the smallest continent on the earth.
  • It gained independence on 26 January 1788.
  • The nearest country is New Zealand.
  • Australia is an island as it gathers around the ocean.
  • It shares its borders with the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
  • Canberra is constructed in the year 1923.
  • It became the capital of Australia in 1927 after Melbourne.
  • Canberra is the only place in the country where you can have Hot Air Balloon Ride.
  • This city is designed by the American architect Walter Burley Griffin.
  • It is located in the southern end of the Australian capital Territory.

Why did Canberra Become the Capital of Australia?

Canberra was chosen as the capital in the year 1909. The main reason behind this is committee wanted a place that is at an equal distance from Melbourne and Sydney. After more than 137 entries to construct the city, finally, American Architects chose to develop the city according to world standards.


What is The Capital City of Australia?

Canberra is the capital of Australia. It was founded on 12 March 1913 and covers an area of 814 square Kilometers. The nearest city to Canberra is Sydney at 248 KMs, and Melbourne is 654 Kilometers. Before Canberra, Melbourne was Australia’s national capital; it shifted in 1927.

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