What is The capital of Telangana?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Telangana is a new state in South Central Country. Its capital is Hyderabad; earlier, it was the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Telangana shares its borders with Maharashtra, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Chattisgarh. Hyderabad covers an area of more than 112,072 square kilometres.

Telangana got the title of State in the year 2014. Earlier, the present Telangana was part o Andhra Pradesh. It was on 11th place in the list of largest states in India according to the 2011 Census. Also, it was one of the most populated states. Apart from this, Hyderabad is one of the top 5 populated cities in the country, with over 6.9 million population.

Quick Facts About Hyderabad

  • Charminar is the most popular monument in the city.
  • Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah constructed it on the Musi River in 1591.
  • It became the capital of Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah when he shifted his capital from Golkonda.
  • The Mughals attacked Hyderabad City in the year 1678.
  • Hyderabad becomes part of India in the year 1948, after independence.
  • Later on, Hyderabad was declared Andhra Pradesh’s Capital.


What is The capital of Telangana?

Hyderabad is the capital of the Newly constructed state, Telangana. The state got its title on 02 June 2014, and after that, Hyderabad has declared the capital of this state. Earlier, Telangana was part of Andhra Pradesh State for 60 years. Hyderabad has had a significant role since ancient times. The Famous Charminar is located in Hyderabad, one of the heritage sites under the Archeological Survey of India.

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