What is the Brain of Computer? A) CPU B) MPU C) GPU D) RAM

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

The brain of the computer is the CPU (Central Processing Unit). It is the collection of millions of tiny transistors in one place. It is directly attached to the motherboard of the computer. The motherboard acts like a facilitated device that connects the computer’s memory, ram., output, and input devices. CPU performs all the logical and arithmetic operations that help compute the computer’s daily and heavy tasks. A memory Protection Unit (MPU) is a small processing unit that protects the computer’s memory devices.

What is the Brain of the Computer?

The CPU performs regular tasks like mathematics and logic operations. One more brain Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) helps perform tasks requiring heavy editing and processing. The edit CPU can work for normal graphic editing. For normal graphic editing videos, the edit CPU can work. Still, for image processing, video processing, and HD content predation, one may need high graphic processing for that computer to have GPU. Nowadays, many CPUs contain a good GPU in, So the answer to the question depends on the system or work you are doing.

Important Facts about the Brain of Computer 

Check the important details of the brain of a computer.

  • The full form of the CPU is the central processing unit. Both are used interchangeably in the industry.
  • It is the only computer unit that performs all the operations like multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, logical operation, input and output operations, controlling, etc.
  • Italian physicist Federico Faggin invented the first CPU for commercial computers.
  • The first commercially introduced CPU was Intel 404 by Intel in 1971.
  • MPU, a part of the CPU, is responsible for protecting the memory devices like RAM, ROM, and hard disk of the computer
  • Many cores consist of various transistors in the CPU that perform various tasks.

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