What is Kuppia and Kuffia?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Kuppia and Kuffia – Kuppia is a popular traditional Kodavus dress. It is a long black coat with an embroidered waist belt. Kodavas are the native population of Coorg. It is a small district of Karnataka located in Mysore and Mangalore’s coastal area. Kuppia dress was a part of their culture and looked elegant.

Kuffia is a long coat in black color worn by Arabs and Kurds. They used to wear embroidered waist belts with many different patterns. Both dresses are pretty similar to the others. The only difference between both is that Kuppia is a traditional dress of Coorg people, and Arab people used to wear Kuffia.

Kuppia and Kuffia Dresses

They are long black coats with an embroidered broad waist belt on them. The belt usually remains either plain or so many different patterns on that. Kuppia is famous among the people of the Kodavus community in Karnataka State. Kuffia is famous among the Arab people.

According to the historical story, The army of Alexender reached the southern coast. When it was impossible to return to their country, they settled and married the local people there, known as Kodavas. After this, Kuppia became famous as those soldiers used to wear Kuffia.

Important Facts about Kuppia and Kuffia

Kuffia is also a traditional dress that resembles Kuppia. It’s similar to Kuppia, the traditional dress of the Kodavus, who are the native people of Coorg.

  • Arabs and Kurds traditionally wear Kuffia. The fact that it resembles the Kuppia of the Coorg supports the theory of Arab origin.
  • Most people in Coorg wear Kuppia as a traditional dress.
  • Coorge is also known as Kodavas, as they are Hindu in religion, but their customs differ from that of Hindus.

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