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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

UGC NET Economics Important Questions & Topics: As the UGC NET Economics Exam is approaching, candidates must pick a pace in their UGC NET Preparation. At this time, you might be looking for ready-made, authentic study material to utilize during revision online. BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have compiled the most important questions for the UGC NET Economics paper.

This post is your one-stop solution for all UGC NET candidates searching for important questions for UGC NET Economics at a glance notes, enabling them to access all the topic-wise most important questions without wasting precious time for the upcoming UGC NET Exam. Candidates can also download these important questions & their solutions in PDF format, making preparation easier for the UGC NET Economics exam for the academic session 2022.

After completing each topic, you can solve UGC NET Economics topic-wise question papers.

UGC NET Economics Questions

These UGC NET Economics Questions can benefit candidates for the last-minute revision for UGC NET Exam 2022. That is why it is highly advised that you go through every topic or Unit of the UGC NET Economics Syllabus, then solve these questions. BYJU’S Exam Prep Experts have prepared top-quality study material, notes & Most Important Questions for UGC NET Economics for the candidates’ UGC NET Preparation.

These are from all ten units of the UGC NET Economics Syllabus. We provide direct links to the study materials and UGC NET Economics Notes. Candidates can go to the link to download the notes and study for better performance.

How Will This Benefit You in UGC NET Preparation?

You must solve and analyze these topics and questions well if you want great merit for your UGC NET Exam. Below are the key benefits of the Most Important Topics of Economics:

  • These UGC NET Economics Notes can be downloaded and saved on your device.
  • All these Notes will be available in one place, making it very feasible.
  • These are topic-wise Notes Pdf.
  • Very beneficial for Last-Minute quick revision.
  • It is strictly based on the latest UGC NET Economics Syllabus.
  • Practice and check your score after finishing any topic of life science.

UGC NET Economics Important Topics

Check the unit-wise important topics of UGC NET Paper 1. Include these topics in last-minute UGC NET Economics Preparation for the upcoming commerce exam.

UGC NET Economics Syllabus

Unit 1: Micro Economics

Theory of Consumer Behavior.

Decision-making under uncertainty Attitude towards Risk.

Factor Pricing.

Theory of Production and Costs.

General Equilibrium Analysis.

Unit 2: Macro Economics

National Income: Concepts and Measurement

Consumption Function

Determination of output and employment

Investment Function

Inflation and Phillips Curve Analysis

Unit 3: Statistics and Econometrics

Probability Theory

Sampling methods & Sampling Distribution

Linear Regression Models and their properties

Statistical Inferences, Hypothesis testing

Descriptive Statistics

Unit 4: Mathematical Economics

Differential Calculus and its Applications

Static Optimization Problems and their applications

Difference and Differential equations with applications

Sets, functions and continuity, sequence, series

Linear Algebra–Matrices, Vector Spaces

Unit 5: International Economics

International Trade: Basic concepts and analytical tools

Theories of International Trade

GATT, WTO, and Regional Trade Blocks; Trade Policy Issues

International Trade under imperfect competition

Exchange Rate: Concepts and Theories

Unit 6: Public Economics

Market Failure and Remedial Measures

Regulation of Market

Public Budget and Budget Multiplier

Public Debt and its management

Fiscal Policy and its implications

Unit 7: Money and Banking

Components of Money Supply

Capital Market and its Regulation

Commercial Banking

Instruments and Working of Monetary Policy

Non-banking Financial Institutions

Unit 8: Growth and Development Economics

Economic Growth and Economic Development

Theories of Economic Development

Indicators of Economic Development

Models of Economic Growth

Technical progress

Unit 9: Environmental Economics and Demography

Concepts and Measures: Fertility, Morbidity, Mortality

Age Structure, Demographic Dividend

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Compensation Criteria

Valuation of Environmental Goods

Market Failure

Unit 10: Indian Economy

Economic Growth in India: Pattern and Structure

Centre-State Financial Relations and Finance Commissions of India; FRBM

Reforms in Land, Labour, and Capital Markets

Poverty, Inequality & Unemployment

Infrastructure Development

Complete Study Notes of UGC NET Economics

Below are the UGC NET Economics Most Important Topics. Candidates can review the links to UGC NET Economics Study Notes and prepare them thoroughly.

Economics Topics Links
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