Best Strategy to Prepare for UGC NET 2022 Paper 1

By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : January 13th, 2022

UGC NET Exam is conducted twice a year by NTA. There are ten units in Paper-1 and each unit has equal weightage in the examination. Most Important Topics in UGC NET Environment, Logical Reasoning, Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Communication, ICT, Higher Education.

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UGC NET 2022 Paper 1 is a generic exam and mandatory for all aspirants, irrespective of their choice of subject for Paper 2. With 50 questions and a total of 100 marks, this is an extremely important paper. The first paper tests the aspirants on the basics of Teaching Ability, Research Methodology, Logical Reasoning, Communication and other such general areas. This is expected of an Assistant Professor or Junior Fellow.

Hence, the score of this paper has a higher significance in overall results. We bring you some of the essential points that will help you develop an excellent strategy to prepare for Paper 1 of UGC NET 2022. The one positive point that can help to improve your chances tremendously is the fact that there is no negative marking in the Paper. So, if you put in the right amount of hard work, you have a better chance of qualifying the exam.

When you sit down to work out the best strategy to prepare for UGC NET Paper 1, keep these points in mind: Select the topics to be prepared, based on the understanding that attempting more questions will not have a negative impact, giving you the freedom to go for a higher number of attempts.

However, it is equally important to remember that accuracy in solving the questions attempted, is any day a better strategy than simply attempting questions for the sake of it.

UGC NET 2022 Paper 1 strategy

The UGC NET 2022 Paper 1 is mainly designed to check the aptitude of the candidates for the roles that they are applying for and hence consists of 10 varied topics. These topics, though general in nature, have their importance. It would be best if you were prepared for each of these sections and below are outlined some useful points for assisting in your preparation:

1- Understand the syllabus

Instead of studying from the word go, take some time to understand the UGC NET syllabus. Understanding what the topics that are expected to be covered in paper 1 are and why helps make a much better strategy to prepare for UGC NET Paper 1.

2- Know the exam pattern

Knowing just the topics is not enough. Analyze the UGC NET Exam Pattern of the questions and the relative weightage of the topics in the UGC NET previous years’ papers. This will give you a good idea of topics that need to be given more importance.

3- Plan thoroughly

Now that you know the syllabus, the exam pattern, and also the relative importance of the topics, prepare a well-structured UGC NET Study Plan for your studies. This one point is so critical that you will find it in every preparation tip that you see for the UGC NET Paper 1. Not just studies, ensure your plan contains enough time for revision as well as relaxation.

4- Make notes while studying

Once you start studying, make sure you are making extensive notes on the topics that you are covering. Each of the ten topics is exhaustive, and it is very easy to forget what you are studying. There may not be enough time to go through the entire syllabus again. However, your notes will come in handy for a quick review of concepts.

5- Revise as many times as possible

Simply studying the syllabus is not the best strategy to prepare for UGC NET Paper 1. Revise the topics and concepts as many times as your schedule allows you to. The constant revision will help recollect the information easily on the day of the exam.

6- Try different types of questions

Once you are confident of your preparation for a topic, try solving a variety of questions on the topic. This will help you gain an even better understanding as well as the application of the concept. The broader range of questions you cover, the better you can relate and apply the ideas of the topic.

7- Practice previous years’ papers

This is as true for any exam as it is for UGC NET 2021 Paper 1. Practicing the UGC NET past years’ question papers help you get a clear idea of what to expect during the actual exam and avoids any surprise on the last day. It also indicates the amount of time you need to dedicate to each topic on the exam day.

8- Appear for mock tests

Having familiarized yourself with the course content as well as the exam pattern; it is time to test where you stand concerning your preparation. Appear for UGC NET mock tests and see if you can solve the paper under time pressure.

9- Practice managing your time

It is no secret that the entire syllabus of the UGC NET Paper 1 is very vast and if you do not manage your time efficiently, chances are, you will miss studying specific topics. This is not a good situation to be in; hence, make sure you manage your time very judiciously.

10- Stick to the study schedule

Once you have prepared a plan, make sure that you stick to it unfailingly. It is your dedication at this stage of your preparation that can make or break your chances at the examination center.

11- Rest and relaxation

As important as studying, if not more, is to ensure that you rest enough during your preparation. This will help you to be more relaxed and therefore, more alert during your exam. A tired mind may not be able to focus on the Paper, whereas a thoroughly rested mind is your key to success.

If you follow the above preparation tips when studying for the UGC NET 2021 Paper 1, you will undoubtedly be thoroughly prepared on the day of the exam. Combined with your command on your elected subject for paper 2, this can help you sail through the exam. All you need is a will to succeed and the determination to work hard.

How to study for UGC NET 2022 Paper 1

UGC NET Topic-wise weightage

UGC NET Paper 1 is a general exam for all candidates, irrespective of their choice of subject for paper 2. The duration of the exam is 1 hour, and a candidate is tested through 50 objective-type questions that may include True or False, Matching the correct options, Multiple Choice and Assertion, and Reasoning type of questions- among others. The candidates are tested on ten core areas, and the break-up of questions is as follows:

S. No.


Number of Questions


Teaching Aptitude



Reading & Comprehension



Logical Reasoning



Research Aptitude



Data Interpretation






Reasoning (including Mathematical Reasoning)



People & Environment



Information & Communication Technology



Higher Education System


Thus, each topic has equal weightage and preparing the topics that are your strength can help you score higher and much faster. So, start your preparation with topics you are comfortable with. This will help you speed up your preparation.

UGC NET 2022 Paper 1 Preparation Tips

  • While you may be inundated with the advice from well-meaning peers and family, remember that at the end of the day, it is you and your preparation that matters. So, there are a couple of tricks that can help you get through your exam quickly. First, do not attempt to score 100%. Yes, you read that right!
  • Undoubtedly, scoring the maximum marks guarantees your success, and in a paper, with no negative marks, it is tempting to attempt all questions. The best strategy, however, is to aim for a slightly lower score (say 80%) and then try to achieve that. This helps you free up some crucial time and focus on getting the correct answers to the questions you attempt. This will help improve your accuracy and chances of attaining the score you want.
  • The other trick nobody tells you about has nothing to do with studying. It is a well-known fact that a calm and relaxed mind can help you focus better and achieve much more than otherwise. So, the night before the exam, forget all the revision and stop tiring your brain. Instead, you can relax and watch your favorite TV show or game before going to sleep peacefully. A good night’s sleep will recharge your mind and will help you perform your best, during the exam.


Now that you have put your best foot forward and studied as much as you can, it is time to calm your mind, focus on the task at hand and reap the fruits of your hard work. With the help of your excellent strategy, you have ensured that you are prepared for your paper. Go in, read the questions correctly, identify the ones you want to attempt, and go for them. You will most certainly clear the UGC NET 2022 Paper 1 quite easily.

Thank You.

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