UGC NET Complete Study Material of Logical Reasoning

By Mohit Choudhary|Updated : August 8th, 2022

UGC NET Exam is conducted twice a year by NTA. There are ten units in Paper-1 and each unit has equal weightage in the examination. Most Important Topics in UGC NET Environment, Logical Reasoning, Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Communication, ICT, Higher Education.   

Here are the Study Notes on Logical Reasoning for UGC NET Exam Paper 1, read thoroughly.
Topic which are covered as per the syllabus for UGC NET Exam Paper 1 : 

Understanding the structure of arguments:

  • argument forms, structure of categorical propositions
  • Mood and Figure
  • Formal and Informal fallacies
  • Uses of language
  • Connotations and denotations of terms
  • Classical square of opposition

Evaluating and distinguishing deductive and inductive reasoning
Venn diagram:

  • Simple and multiple use for establishing validity of arguments.

Indian Logic:

  • Means of knowledge


  • Pratyaksha (Perception)
  • Anumana (Inference)
  • Upamana (Comparison)
  • Shabda (Verbal testimony)
  • Arthapatti (Implication) and
  • Anupalabddhi (Non-apprehension).

Structure and kinds of

  • Anumana (inference),
  • Vyapti (invariable relation)
  • Hetvabhasas (fallacies of inference).

Here are the links for topic wise notes for UGC NET Exam Paper 1 : Logical Reasoning

 Definition in Logical reasoningDefinition in Logical reasoning
 Study Notes on Arguments Study Notes on Arguments 
 Indian LogicIndian Logic
 Fallacies IFallacies I
 Fallacies IIFallacies II
 Square of opposition ISquare of opposition
 Square of Opposition IISquare of Opposition II
 Square of Opposition IIISquare of Opposition III
 Logical Reasoning ILogical Reasoning I
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Preparation Tips for upcoming UGC NET EXAM 2022

  • Check the full syllabus and examination pattern of the UGC NET EXAM thoroughly
  • Start preparing for the exam with a time schedule
  • Practice with the previous year’s question papers and their solution
  • Keep revision of all topics from the topics on a daily basis
  • Check your progress with mock tests
  • Study carefully and do maintain your health.

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