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World Geography Questions and Answers PDF! World Geography is a very important topic for aspirants who are preparing for UPSC, State PCS and other government exams. World Geography mainly consists of Physical and Political Geography. In this article, we will provide you with World Geography Questions and Answers PDF in Hindi & English.

World Geography Questions and Answers

  1. How much per cent of the land area of the earth does the continent of Africa occupy?
    Answer: 20 per cent of the land area of the earth
  2. Of all the continents on the Earth, which continent is the most tropical?
    Answer: Africa
  3. Africa is separated from Europe and Asia by which waterbodies?
    Answer: Europe – Mediterranean Sea; Asia – The Red Sea
  4. Which is the highest peak in Africa?
    Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro (5895 metres above sea level)
  5. Which lake in Africa is the source of river Nile?
    Answer: Lake Victoria (Largest lake of Africa)
  6. On which rivers are the Dams viz. Kariba Dam, Aswan Dam, Kainji Dam situated?
    Answer: Kariba Dam on the River Zambezi; Aswan Dam on the River Nile; Kainji Dam on the River Niger
  7. Which country of Africa is often referred to as the ‘Gigantic Zoo’ because of its vast variety of wildlife?
    Answer: Democratic Republic of Congo
  8. Which river of Africa passes from / crosses the Equator twice?
    Answer: River Congo
  9. The country of Nigeria is named after which important river?
    Answer: River Niger
  10. Egyptian farmer is called?
    Answer: Fellah
  11. In which year, the Suez Canal was opened for voyages?
    Answer: 1869
  12. The plateau region of South Africa is covered with grasses called ‘the veld’. What is the meaning of Veld?
    Answer: Veld means ‘field’ in the Dutch language
  13. What was the policy of complete segregation of the non-white people in every sphere of life – political, economic and social in South Africa known as?
    Answer: Policy was known as Apartheid
  14. Which is the fourth largest continent of the Earth?
    Answer: South America
  15. Which landmasses are combined known as Latin America?
    Answer: South America, Central America, Mexico and the West Indies
  16. Name the two landlocked countries of South America?
    Answer: Bolivia; Paraguay
  17. Which are the physical divisions of South America?
    Answer: The Western Coastal Strip; The Western Mountains; The Central Plains; The Eastern Highlands
  18. Name the second highest mountain system of the world after the Himalayas.
    Answer: The Andes
  19. Which is the highest active volcano in the world?
    Answer: Cotopaxi in Ecuador
  20. Name the palm tree of Brazil which yields wax.
    Answer: Carnuba
  21. Name the largest bird of prey found in South America.
    Answer: Candor
  22. Name the two most ancient types of mammals found in South America.
    Answer: Ant-eater and Armadillos
  23. Which grass is grown in South America which maintains the soil fertility and also its consumption fattens the cattle quickly?
    Answer: Alfalfa
  24. Name the three mixed races of South America.
    Mestizos (People of mixed Indian and European blood)
    Mulatos (People of mixed European and Black blood)
    Zambo (People of mixed Black and Indian blood)
  25. From which redwood tree Brazil got its present name?
    Answer: Brasil
  26. Which country of South America is known as the homeland of rubber?
    Answer: Brazil
  27. In Brazil, coffee is generally grown on very large plantations which are called as?
    Answer: Fazendas
  28. Which are the border countries of Argentina?
    Answer: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
  29. Australia alongwith New Zealand and the nearby neighbouring islands is collectively known as?
    Answer: Australasia
  30. Which is the only country in the world which covers the entire continent?
    Answer: Australia
  31. The Central lowland of Australia is spread from?
    Answer: the Gulf of Carpentaria in the North to the southern shores of Australia
  32. Which is the highest peak of Australia?
    Answer: Mt. Kosciusko
  33. Which are the primary physical divisions of Australia?
    Answer: Western Plateau, The Central Lowland, The Eastern Highland
  34. Which varieties of Eucalyptus are very valuable for their timber?
    Answer: Jarrah and Karri
  35. The temperate grasslands found in the region of Murray-Darling basin are known as?
    Answer: Downs
  36. What is the distinct characteristic of Marsupial mammals found mainly in Australia and its neighbouring islands?
    Answer: Pouch like fold of skin near stomach to carry young ones
  37. Name the only transcontinental railway of Australia which runs between Sydney and Perth.
    Answer: Trans-Australian Railway
  38. The major roads in Australia are known as?
    Answer: Commonwealth Highways
  39. Who designed the city of Canberra?
    Answer: Walter Burley
  40. Which are the other names of Antartica?
    Answer: White Continent ; A Continent for Science
  41. Where has India established the permanent base camp in Antarctica for conducting scientific studies?
    Answer: Dakshin Gangotri
  42. Which range of Antartica divides the continent into almost two equal parts?
    Answer: Queen Maud Range
  43. Name the only live volcano on Antartica.
    Answer: Mount Erebus
  44. Which are the major physical divisions of North America?
    Answer: The Canadian Shield , The Appalachian Mountains or Eastern Highlands , The Central Plains , The Western Cordilleras
  45. Niagara Falls is located between which two lakes?
    Answer: Lake Erie and Lake Ontario
  46. Which is the highest mountain peak of the Western Cordilleras in North America?
    Answer: Mt. Mckinley in Alaska (6187 metres above sea level)
  47. Which is the largest intermontane plateau of North America?
    Answer: The Great Basin
  48. Where is the geyser Old Faithful located in North America?
    Answer: Yellow Stone National Park
  49. When and where was the first oil well drilled in the United States?
    Answer: Year-1859, in Western Pennsylvania
  50. Where is the world’s largest railway junction?
    Answer: Chicago
  51. Which city of The United States is known as the automobile hub and is the chief production centre for the automobile industry?
    Answer: Detroit
  52. Lumbering is the most important occupation in which country of North America?
    Answer: Canada
  53. Name the two transcontinental railway in Canada.
    Answer: The Canadian Pacific Railways – Runs from St John in New Brunswick to Vancouver ;
    The Canadian National Railways – From Halifax in Nova Scotia to Prince Rupert in British Columbia
  54. The Continent of Europe is separated from Asia by?
    Answer: The Ural Mountains, The Caucasus Mountains, The Caspian Sea
  55. Which countries are collectively known as The Scandinavia?
    Answer: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark
  56. Where are the seat of the Pope and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic church?
    Answer: Vatican City
  57. Which two islands are included in the British Isles?
    Islands of Ireland (Comprises of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic) ;
    Great Britain (Scotland, Wales, England)
  58. The Northern Part of the North-Western Highlands of Europe is known as?
    Answer: Fenno-Scandian Shield
  59. Which is the highest peak of the Alps?
    Answer: Mont Blanc
  60. Which is the only fibre crop of Europe which is used for making linen?
    Answer: Flax
  61. The Rhine, The Weser, The Elbe and The Danube are important rivers of Germany.
    Which of the above-mentioned river flows southward?
    Answer: The Danube
  62. Which is the richest and the biggest coal-producing area of Europe?
    Answer: The Ruhr (Germany)
  63. Which canal connects the North Sea and the Baltic sea?
    Answer: Kiel Canal
  64. How many times zone are there in Russia?
    Answer: Eleven
  65. Which is the highest mountain peak in Russia?
    Answer: Mt Elbrus
  66. Which is the longest railway in the world?
    Answer: The Trans-Siberian Railway
  67. Moscow is a port of 5 seas. Name them.
    Answer: The Caspian Sea, The Black Sea, The Baltic Sea, Lake Ladoga, The Arctic Ocean
  68. Where is the deepest lake in the world located?
    Answer: Lake Baikal is in Siberia
  69. Which plateau is known as the ‘Roof of the World’?
    Answer: Pamir Plateau
  70. Mention the physical divisions of the Asia.
    Answer: The Northern Lowlands, The Central, MountainsThe Southern Plateau, The Great River Valleys, The Island Groups
  71. Where are the passes viz Khyber pass and Bolan pass located?
    Answer: Khyber pass in the Hindu Kush; Bolan pass in the Kirthar
  72. What is Mt Everest known as in Nepalese?
    Answer: Sagarmatha
  73. Which is the highest peak of Bhutan?
    Answer: Gangkhar Puensum
  74. Which is the largest sandy beach in the world?
    Answer: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  75. Which is the longest river of Sri Lanka?
    Answer: Mahaveli Ganga
  76. Which are the main islands of Indonesia?
    Answer: Borneo, Sumatra, Irian Jaya, Celebes, Java, Madura, Bali
  77. Which is the world’s largest plateau?
    Answer: Plateau of Tibet (Average height 4000m)
  78. Which are the four large islands of Japan?
    Answer: Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku
  79. Japan is called ‘Nippon’. What does it mean?
    Answer: The land of the rising sun
  80. Which is the largest city of China?
    Answer: Shanghai

World Geography Questions and Answers PDF in Hindi 

World Geography Questions and Answers PDF in English

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