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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The best magazine for UPSC offers readers a viewpoint on distinct topics by providing relevant facts and details. Magazines are supplementary reading materials useful while preparing for the UPSC exam. Students must only read restricted magazines available in the market but can purchase a few relevant current affairs magazines for the civil services exam. Aspiring candidates can read articles from the selective monthly magazine for UPSC to obtain a high score in the Prelims and Mains Exam.

Various authors write a list of magazines for UPSC on diverse topics to help candidates develop a broad scope of views and ideas beneficial for the IAS Mains exam and the interview process. In this article, candidates can explore a list of the best magazines for UPSC and the information they provide.

Magazines for UPSC

Yojana, Pratiyogita Darpan, Chronicle, and Kurukshetra are some of the best magazines for UPSC preparation that aspiring students can opt for. Yojana magazine comes in 13 languages, whereas the Pratiyogita Darpan is available in English and Hindi.

Different magazines for UPSC are known, but it depends upon which topics the candidates need to focus on for the Mains examination. Students can get details about the latest government schemes and initiatives in such journals. Magazines such as Yojana and Kurukshetra are the best current affairs magazines that offer quality facts for the Mains exam.

Best Current Affairs Magazine for UPSC

Magazines offer UPSC candidates a mindset on issues and appropriate facts and analysis. Aspirants can gain knowledge about writing great essays using various strategies. The best Current Affairs magazine for UPSC is helpful for applicants for the IAS exam as they explain diverse viewpoints that can be used during essay preparation.

Current Affairs Magazine for UPSC PDF

Aspirants can check the last few month’s monthly current affairs magazine for UPSC, available at BYJU’s Exam Prep for useful exam preparation. Candidates can simply download the PDFs, save, and access them during the time of practice.

Monthly Current Affairs Magazine for UPSC

Have a glimpse at the monthly UPSC current affairs magazine PDF in the following table for the last few months. These can be easily downloaded and saved to your device for forthcoming IAS preparation.

Each PDF is divided into the sections such as art and culture, disaster management, polity, economy, geography, international relations, education, science and technology, ecology, security, health, etc. You can check the latest Monthly Current Affairs PDF (March 2023) to enhance your knowledge about the latest events happening around the world.

Current Affairs 2023 Monthly Magazines

Monthly Magazine for Current Affairs 2023
Current Affairs Magazine January 2023 Current Affairs Magazine February 2023
Current Affairs Magazine March 2023 Current Affairs Magazine April 2023
Current Affairs Magazine May 2023 Current Affairs Magazine June 2023
Current Affairs Magazine July 2023 Current Affairs Magazine August 2023
Current Affairs Magazine September 2023

Current Affairs 2022 Monthly Magazines

Monthly Magazine for Current Affairs 2022
Current Affairs Magazine January 2022 Current Affairs Magazine February 2022
Current Affairs Magazine March 2022 Current Affairs Magazine April 2022
Current Affairs Magazine May 2022 Current Affairs Magazine June 2022
Current Affairs Magazine July 2022 Current Affairs Magazine August 2022
Current Affairs Magazine September 2022 Current Affairs Magazine October 2022
Current Affairs Magazine November 2022 Current Affairs Magazine December 2022

Monthly Current Affairs 2021 Magazines

Monthly Magazine for UPSC Current Affairs 2021
Current Affairs Magazine January 2021 Current Affairs Magazine February 2021
Current Affairs Magazine March 2021 Current Affairs Magazine April 2021
Current Affairs Magazine May 2021 Current Affairs Magazine June 2021
Current Affairs Magazine July 2021 Current Affairs Magazine August 2021
Current Affairs Magazine September 2021 Current Affairs Magazine October 2021
Current Affairs Magazine November 2021 Current Affairs Magazine December 2021

Features of Monthly Magazine for UPSC Current Affairs

The utmost importance of the UPSC monthly magazine is to provide relevant news and ideas from newspapers that are needed for the exam and are in sync with the Civil Services Examination or CSE syllabus.

  • Each piece of information or news is examined and scrutinized according to the IAS exam requirements.
  • A monthly compilation of current affairs magazines is available in a suitable PDF layout for convenient access and download.
  • UPSC monthly magazine for current affairs is divided into many sections: art and culture, disaster management, education, economy, ecology, geography, health, international relations, polity, security, science, technology, etc.
  • The magazine for monthly current affairs is available from January 2017 for absolutely free, comprising more than 100 pages.

List of Best Monthly Magazine for UPSC

Below is the list of the best magazines for UPSC preparation that helps candidates to cover multiple topics while studying for the exam. Students can refer any one or two from the below magazine for UPSC to enhance their knowledge and skills.

  • Yojana
  • EPW or Economic and Political Weekly
  • Down to Earth
  • Kurukshetra
  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Chronicle
  • The Economic Times
  • Science Reporter UPSC Magazine

Yojana Magazine for UPSC

Yojana is the most popular and the best monthly current affairs magazine for UPSC aspiring candidates. The I and B Ministry, Government of India, publishes the Yojana magazine for UPSC, which deals with significant socio-economic matters from the perspective of India.

The magazine gives information and facts that the Government accepts and is currently obtainable in 13 languages mentioned below:

Assamese Urdu Bengali
Punjabi English Tamil
Malayalam Hindi Telugu
Gujarati Marathi Oriya

Yojana has been rated as the best magazine for UPSC by many successful aspirants in the previous three years. UPSC Mains exam consists of one or two essay questions directly from the Yojana magazine.

  • Yojana magazine for UPSC covers major topics like the Indian budget, federalism, governance, agriculture, etc.
  • Experts suggest that candidates start their preparation by reading NCERT and primary study material and move on to reading Yojana magazines.
  • Yojana is a Government magazine that includes advantages and disadvantages related to any topic important for the Civil Services exam, particularly for Mains and the interview round.
  • It is considered the best magazine for UPSC and useful for General Studies Paper II, Paper III, and Essay papers.

Economic and Political Weekly UPSC Magazine

EPW, or the Economic and Political Weekly magazine, is a renowned and exceptional social science journal. Economic and Political Weekly concentrates on economic subjects, but it is a multidisciplinary publication covering sociology, history, political science, and environmental studies.

  • This weekly magazine for UPSC analyzes modern affairs and scholarly papers in social science.
  • Various leading subject experts, political activists, and famous public broadcasters contribute to the articles published in the magazine.
  • The use of this best magazine for UPSC is limited as its reports are technical and need considerable reading.


Down to Earth Magazine for UPSC

Down to Earth magazine for UPSC comes every two weeks and concentrates on awareness and environmental issues. It is an essential magazine for candidates opting for Geography as their optional subject. According to the exam syllabus, students must read and explore all the topics demonstrated in the magazine.

Kurukshetra UPSC Magazine

Another best monthly magazine for UPSC is Kurukshetra. The Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, publishes this monthly journal that exclusively deals with the Development of Rural areas.

  • The magazine acts as a platform for profound discussion of numerous matters connected to the development of rural areas and agriculture.
  • Studying important subjects helps aspiring candidates to apprehend the schemes presented by the Indian Government.
  • Kurukshetra magazine benefits those who wish to pursue their professions in Public Administration.
  • Reading this IAS magazine for UPSC can aid candidates in both Prelims and Mains exams as the exam emphasizes rural development and the environment, according to the latest format of the civil services exam.

Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine for UPSC

Pratiyogita Darpan magazine is regarded as the best magazine for UPSC which is available in English and Hindi. It is the most preferred one as it assists in all the Government exams, including UPSC.

It is the best monthly magazine for UPSC as it offers adequate information to candidates and covers the major topics given below.

Current events History Politics
Informative articles Economy The constitution of India
Employment news Geography Toppers’ interviews
Solved questions in competitive exams

Chronicle – Monthly UPSC Magazine

The Chronicle is one of the most popular monthly magazines for UPSC among candidates. It is helpful as it provides information as per the UPSC Syllabus.

  • Chronicle is viewed as the best magazine for UPSC preparation as it comprises a few tests, suggestions, and even mock quizzes that help candidates get better scores.
  • The magazine also guides aspirants about the dos and don’ts to be followed during the interview round.

The Economic Times Magazine for UPSC

As the name suggests, The Economic Times magazines cover information related to economic subjects. It is regarded as one of the good magazines for UPSC that offer facts in a structured way. The magazine also includes important news that can be asked in the interview stage of the IAS exam.

Science Reporter UPSC Magazine

A renowned monthly science publication is the Science Reporter magazine. The National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources is a government agency that publishes this magazine for UPSC.

  • It is a medium to communicate views and exchange opinions about science policy, research topics, and the future of science in India.
  • It is advised that applicants must stay updated on the latest updates from the world of science.

How to Read Current Affairs Magazine?

The candidates must begin by picking 5 to 6 reports or articles from the best magazine for current affairs they are reading. The first strategy is to understand the context of the article illustration, emphasizing the facts, looking into the good and bad, and finally developing formative criticism.

  • Highlighting significant points, keywords, and facts is recommended while reading any report or article.
  • Aspirants can read word by word or take a glimpse through the whole article. The approach entirely depends upon the individual habit of reading.
  • Freshers must practice proper reading of a minimum of 4 to 5 magazines.
  • Furthermore, they can increase their capacity to read 5-6 articles daily after choosing the best magazine for UPSC from the list.

Important Topics from UPSC Magazine

The table below shows the type of questions that were asked previously in the UPSC exam from the most popular magazines.

Name of Magazine for UPSC Previous Year Crucial Topics
Yojana Case of Payment Banks was examined in Yojana Magazine August 2015 Edition and asked in the Civil services exam in 2016.
Economic and Political Weekly Micro-irrigation was a significant report in EPW-Vol 50_Issue No- 51_19 Dec 2015;

What is water-use efficiency? Describe the function of micro-irrigation in raising water-use efficiency. General Studies Paper- III, 2016

Kurukshetra Panchayati Raj authorizing democracy was included in the November 2015 edition
Down to Earth In 2013, Down to Earth published an essay on Phailin, which was asked in the UPSC exam in the same year

Proven Tips to Study Current Affairs Magazine

Students appearing for the UPSC exam must read the monthly magazines to improve their knowledge about events occurring in the country and worldwide. A few proven techniques one can apply while studying monthly current affairs magazines are listed below.

Rely on Limited Sources:

  • Choosing the best UPSC current affairs monthly magazine is crucial as it limits the study sources.
  • There are infinite study materials for current affairs; therefore, preparing becomes tricky.
  • The best monthly magazine for UPSC is the one that is the compilation of all important topics and makes your study more efficient.
  • The most useful magazine introduces proven strategies to take your essay writing performance to the next level.

Practice Note-Making:

  • Making notes of important events and topics while reading newspapers and monthly Current Affairs magazines for UPSC can enrich your study.
  • To develop an interest in the current affairs section, students must follow a habit of note-making to make UPSC preparation easier and more interesting.

Multiple Revisions:

  • Experts recommend that aspirants focus on one monthly magazine and revise it multiple times during preparation.
  • It assures you to memorize all the essential information to ace UPSC Prelims and Mains.

Solving Mock Tests:

  • After reading and revising all the topics, it is suggested that students should keep solving as many mock tests as possible.
  • It will help you to make fewer mistakes in the actual examination.
  • UPSC Mock tests are vital as they will enhance your exam skills and morale.
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