TNPSC Full Form: History & Functions of Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

TNPSC full form is Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission. It is a department under the Tamil Nadu government that oversees the recruitment and appointments made within the state’s administrative system. The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission or TNPSC was preceded by the Madras Service Commission which was the first-ever State Public Service Commission established in India.

TNPSC was formally established way back in 1929 but it acquired its present nomenclature in the year 1970. It is one of the State Public Service Commissions that collectively come under the purview of Articles 316 – 319 of the Indian Constitution.

TNPSC Full Form in English | History of the Organization

TNPSC full form in English is Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission. It is a state agency that is vested with the responsibility of conducting recruitment for Civil Services in the state. TNPSC was originally set up in 1929 and is considered a constitutional body. The organization’s headquarters are situated in Chennai and it is led by a Chairman with 14 other members. These members are nominated by the Tamil Nadu Governor.

  • The history of a Public Service Commission dates back to 1923 when the Government of India set up such a commission for the first time.
  • The predecessor of TNPSC which was the Madras Service Commission came into existence through the Act of the Madras Legislature.
  • This commission was later named the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission in 1970.
  • The purpose of establishing this commission was to look into the structure of the pay scale of Civil Service Officers in India.
  • The other reason was to check for chances to divide the general duties of the Public Service Commission which operated on a national scale and hand them over to State Commissions.
  • It was eventually decided that the whole sole responsibility of controlling and conducting recruitment drives for the Civil Services will be given to the Provincial/State governments.

After the handing over of the power to the state governments, the governments of Punjab and Madras offered to set up their individual public service commissions which would operate on a state level. Madras was the first province ever to form a Public Service Commission in 1929. It was later named Madras Public Service Commission in 1957 before changing to Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission after the state’s name got changed in 1970.

TNPSC Full Form in Tamil

The TNPSC full form in Tamil is – தமிழ்நாடு அரசு பணியாளர் தேர்வாணையம். The Commission is dedicated to serving the people of the state with complete transparency and determination. The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is governed by Articles 315 – 323 which are mentioned in Part 15 of the Indian Constitution.

The Commission is responsible for holding various recruitment drives for different groups under the Tamil Nadu Public Service. To conduct the entire process of recruitment, the Commission sets up meetings at proper intervals where the guidelines, and policies are discussed along with the decisions that are taken on ongoing issues.

TNPSC: Structure of the Organization

The structure of the provincial Public Service Commissions is dealt with in Articles 316-319 of the Constitution. Thus, the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission also operates within this range. The TNPSC is headed by a Chairman and 14 members who are appointed by the state’s Governor. 

  • Thus, we can say that the total number of members in the TNPSC is 15 including the Chairman.
  • The present Chairman of TNPSC is Dr. C.Munianathan who is a retired IAS Officer.
  • The parent organization of the TNPSC is the UPSC or the Union Public Service Commission.
  • The other members that head the various departments of the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission are Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, Under Secretary, etc.

Functions of TNPSC

The functions and responsibilities of the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission are specified in the Article 320 of the Indian Constitution. One of the main functions of the Commission is to provide guidance to the government with respect to the formation of various rules and regulations for the recruitment, appointment, and promotion of Civil Service Officers.

  • The TNPSC also deals with the transfer postings of various Civil Service Officers & guides the government in those matters as well.
  • The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is also responsible for conducting various exams such as TNPSC Group 1TN PCS Group 2TNPSC Group 3 & TNPSC Group 4.
  • The Commission Secretary is responsible for ensuring the implementation of all the decisions and guidelines formed during the various meetings.
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