History Preparation Plan for MPPSC Examination: Check Tips and Strategy

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

History Preparation Plan for MPPSC Examination: History is a very vast subject so what to do now? An excess of questions keep bombarding your head- How do I Prepare History? What to focus on? How do I cover the entire syllabus? You have to think smart to analyse the previous year question and prepare a roadmap to cover the entire syllabus.

MPPSC is one of the toughest exams every year many students appear in this exam for the hundreds of vacancies. This exam is conducted by Madhya Pradesh public service commission.

MPPSC History Syllabus

Indian History
  • Political, Economic, Social and Cultural History of India from Harappan civilization to 10th Century A.D.Political, Economic, Social and Cultural History of India from 11th to 18th Century A.D. Mugal rulers and their administration, Emergence of composite culture, Impact of British Rule on Indian Economy and Society. Reactions of Indians against British Colonial Rule: Peasant and Tribal revolts, The First Struggle of Independence. Indian Renaissance: National Freedom Movement and its leaders. The emergence of India as a Republic Nation, Reorganization of States, Formation of Madhya Pradesh. Major events of the post-independence period.
  • Independence Movement in Madhya Pradesh. Indian Cultural Heritage (with special reference to Madhya Pradesh) Salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature, Festivals & Architecture from ancient to modern times. World Heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh and Tourism. Dynasties of Madhya Pradesh: – Gondwana, Bundeli, Bagheli, Holkar, Scindia and Bhopal State (From the beginning till independence)
  • Madhya Pradesh History 

Weightage of History in MPPSC Examination


No of Questions

Nature of the Question



Easy to Moderate



Easy to Moderate



Easy to Moderate



Easy to Moderate



Moderate to Difficult

An important topic of History for MPPSC Examination

To Boost your Preparation we have classified the Entire History into Three Segments- Modern India, Ancient India, Medieval India. So now let’s Start with Ancient India-

Ancient History Started from the earliest time to the middle of the 8th Century AD. This article tells you how to read and what topics to focus on from Prelims and Mains perspectives.

Important topics to be focused

  • Stone Age, Paleolithic Age, Mesolithic Age
  • Indus valley civilization/ Harappan civilization (2500 BC- 1500 BC)
  • Vedic Period (1500 BC- 1000 BC)
  •  Buddhism and Jainism
  • Kingdom/ Empires during the Ancient Period

Reference Book:

  • Basic NCERT Books (Old/ New) And India’s Ancient Past By R.S. Sharma and Specific State Books.

Medieval India:

Medieval history begins from the middle of the 8th Century AD to the start of the 18th Century AD. The question is asked from Medieval history is limited in comparison to Modern and Ancient History India.

An important topic to be focused

  • Rulers of Delhi Sultanate
  • Rulers of Mughal
  • Religious Movement.

Reference Book:

  • Basic NCERT Books (Old/ New), And History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra and Specific State Books.

Modern India:

In this Section, we come across various Movements, Social Reforms, Revolut, and Indian Struggles for Independence like Quit India Movement, Swadeshi Movement, Sault Movement etc.

What we need to focus on in Modern India

  • The Purpose of the Movements.
  • The Reason Which Led to Movements.
  • The consequences of the Movements.
  • The People Who Participated in these Movements.
  • The role of Press and Literature.
  • Famous Personalities involved in the movements and their contributions.

Reference Book:

  • Basic NCERT(Old/ New), Modern India By Bipin Chandra and Specific State Books.

Comparing the syllabus to other states or UPSC it is more or less the same so Aspirants refers to the state books as well.

Important Point to be Remember while Preparing History

  • Prepare Mnemonics for important dates and events.
  •  One source of information suffices.
  • Capitalize on dates and maps.
  • The chronology will always help.
  • Analyze the previous year question to understand the Level of Questions.
  • Prepare Short notes of famous temples and different types of dances of India.
  •  Most of the questions are easy to moderate, if you read the material carefully, you will get it right.
  • Highlights the Keyword
  • Use mnemonics to memorize the facts.
  • Create charts and timelines to connect the events.
  •  Make History interesting

As an MPPSC aspirant, you always run against time. But taking short breaks can improve your productivity if you use them judiciously. Once in a while, make time for watching a periodic movie based on any topic included in your MPPSC history syllabus, or read historical fiction. Reading the biographies of historical personalities is also a good idea.

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