MP Special: Important Festivals and Folk-drama and dance.

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Important Festivals and Ceremony Of M. P.

  1. Madhya Pradesh Ceremony- The ceremony is organized in Delhi. The cultural heritage of MP is presented here with organization of and singing, dancing and playing and painting exhibition etc. This ceremony is celebrated for a week.
  2. Kalidas Ceremony- This ceremony is organized by Kalidas Academy in the memory of Kalidas at Ujjain Traditional theater. Debate, drama and painting exhibition are organized during this. This ceremony runs for one week.
  3. Khajuraho Dance Ceremony- The ceremony is organized at Khajuraho. This started in 1976 and is organized every year. All the respected artist of all different style of Indian classical dance participate. This is not only of MP but India’s biggest dance ceremony.
  4. Tansen Ceremony-This ceremony is organized at Gwalior in the memory of Tansen. This is a prestigious ceremony of classical music. Legendary musicians, singers of India participate in this.
  5. Ustad Allauddin Khan Music Ceremony-This ceremony is organized at Mehar. This is organized in the memory of Baba Allauddin Khan. The diversity of classical music is presented here. The main attraction of this is the Mehar Band established by Ustad Allauddir Khan.
  6. Dhrupad Ceremony- This ceremony is organized at Bhopal. To boost the Dhrupad discipline of music on the basis of Student- Master Tradition, this ceremony is organized.
  7. Malwa Ceremony- This ceremony is organized every year by the cultural department of Madhya Pradesh in 1991 at Indore, Ujjain and Mandu. Malwiya style of dance and handi-crafts etc, are presented in this ceremony.
  8. Baalkrishna Sharma Naveen Ceremony-It is organized in Jabalpur and many cultural programmes are presented.
  9. Art Ceremony- This ceremony is organized every year in Madhya Pradesh since last two decades. Classical music, Classical dance, theater, sketch and poetry recitation programmes are organized here.
  10. Orchha Festival- This ceremony is organized at Tikamgarh. Artist of Bundelkhand perform dancing, singing and playing.
  11. Subhadra Kumari Chouhan Ceremony-This ceremony is organized at Jabalpur in the memory of poetess Subhadra Kumari Chouhan. The famous writers and art specialists of the country participate in this
  12. Ustad Amir Khan Music Ceremony- This ceremony is organized at Indore city. This is organized in the memory of famous Sitar player Arnir Khan. All the important personalities related to cultural and classical music of the country participate in this event.

Folk drama and dance of Madhya Pradesh

Bundeli Swang: Swang is the most popular folk dance among the all folk dance practiced in Bundelkhand. It is known by different names in different areas, such as Rammat, Gammat, Khayal,etc  This group dance is performed on harvest, marriage and Nativity. Its purpose is pure entertainment through humor and satire.

Khamba Swang: In this, dance is performed around a pole buried in ground and hence its name Khamba Swang. In this, they worship Ravan’s son Meghnath. This folk dance is prevalent among the Keraku tribe. Gammat : Gammat  is the most prominent folk dance of the Nimadari zone, in which the Mridang and cymbals are the main Instruments. Gammat is a living form of humour . It is organized on Navratri

Rasleela: Basically, it is folk drama of Uttar Pradesh that is performed in month of Bhado around Krishna Janmashtami in Bhind, Morena and Gwalior districts of M.P.

Ramleela Ramleela is performed in M.P. rural areas on the occasion the of Dassuhera.

Chahur: It is Baghelkhand’s folk drama which is basically performed by Agriculturist castes viz. Aheer, Teli and Kumhar caste’s people.

Macha: This is an important folk drama of Malwa region. It originated from Ujjain City.
This play is usually organized in the open space.

Kathi: Kathi is a popular folk drama of Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh.

Nautanki: This is a folk drama of Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. Issues related to society are staged in this. Its main theme are Bairang Raja and Maniharin

Karmas: This is a folk drama of Baiga tribe. This folk drama begins from Dussehra and ends at Rainy season. Mainly dance and songs are part of it.

Rai Swang: This is an important folk drama of Bundelkhand. Acting and dancing both are performed in this drama.

Pandwani: The meaning of Pandwani is supposed to be the story of Pandavas. Story, music, acting everything is performed in this.

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