What is the Minimum Pitch Distance Allowed in Bolted Connections?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

What is the minimum pitch distance allowed in bolted connections?

  1. 2.7 x diameter of bolt
  2. 2.5 x diameter of bolt
  3. 1.5 x diameter of bolt
  4. 1.7 x diameter of bolt

Answer: B. 2.5 x diameter of bolt

The minimum pitch distance allowed in bolted connections is 2.5 x diameter of bolt.


As per IS 800:200, the limitations on pitch in bolted connections are:

Minimum pitch = 2.5 x diameter of bolt.

Minimum pitch < minimum (16t, 200mm) – Tension members.

Minimum pitch < minimum (12t, 200mm) – Compression members.

Where, t is the thickness of thinner plate.

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