The Water Shed Canal Is Also Called

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The water shed canal is also called-

  1. Across the contours
  2. Contour canal
  3. Side slope canal
  4. Ridge canal

Answer: D. Ridge canal

The water shed canal is also called ridge canal.


Watershed canal: The watershed canal is one where the ridge line separates the catchment areas of two streams (drains). The water shed canal is also called ridge canal. There is a main watershed (ridge line) that separates the drainage areas of two major streams. Similar to this, there are subsidiary watersheds (ridge lines) that divide the drainage between the two streams on either side of a main stream and any of its tributaries.

  • A watershed canal, also known as a ridge canal, is one that runs along to a natural watershed (ridge line). Gravity irrigation is ensured on both sides of the canal when it is aligned (whether it is the main canal, a branch canal, or a distributary canal).
  • No drainage can cross a canal positioned on the ridge because the drainage flows away from the ridge. As a result, a canal that is aligned with the watershed saves on the expense of building cross-drainage works. 

Contour canal: Aligned nearly parallel to the contours.

  • It can irrigate an area only on one side.
  • Cross drainage works are required.

Side slope canals: Aligned roughly perpendicular to the contour along the side slopes. It is not located in a valley or a watershed.

  • Only one side of the area can be irrigated.
  • Cross drainage operations are not necessary because it is approximately parallel to the drainage flow.
  • The bed slope is really severe.

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