Hydrographic surveys deals with the mapping of

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Hydrographic surveys deals with the mapping of-

  1. Large water bodies
  2. Heavenly bodies
  3. Mountainous region
  4. Canal system

Answer: A. Large water bodies

Hydrographic surveys deals with the mapping of large water bodies.


Different types of surveying include:

  • Hydrographic surveying: Hydrographic survey deals with the mapping of large water bodies. Large water body mapping is necessary for a number of tasks, including port and harbour upkeep (dredging), coastal engineering (beach erosion and replenishment studies), management of coastal zones, and offshore resource development.
  • Geodetic Surveying: The actual shape of the earth is taken into account in this area of surveying. This method of surveying is used for extremely precise work and for surveying a wide area.
  • Plane Surveying: The average surface of the earth is regarded as a level surface in this method of surveying. Small areas might use this type of survey (less than 200 square kilometers) Consequently, methods of plane surveying are valid for the majority of Civil Engineering projects.
  • Topographic Surveying: It is used to locate and map the ground’s contours as well as existing features on the earth’s surface or just above or below it (ie trees, buildings, streets, walkways, manholes, utility poles, retaining walls, etc).

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