Concrete Gains Strength Due To

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Concrete gains strength due to-

  1. Chemical reaction of cement with sand and coarse aggregates
  2. Evaporation of water from concrete
  3. Hydration of cement
  4. All the above.

Answer: C. Hydration of cement

Concrete gains strength due to hydration of cement.


A chemical process known as hydration is triggered when water is added to cement. The cement and water are converted into advantageous calcium silicate hydrate compounds as hydration progresses over time. These substances serve as the adhesive holding the particles together to form the sturdy, hard substance that is concrete. While additional substances are formed during the hydration process, they do not contribute to strength. Additionally, aggregate is an inert substance that doesn’t participate in chemical reactions. Hence, here concrete gains strength due to hydration of cement.

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