Write 10 Lines on the Usefulness of Microorganisms in Our Lives

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Microorganisms like penicillium produces penicillin. Nitrogen in the soil is fixed by rhizobium which further increases the soil fertility. Cakes and breads in bakeries are prepared using yeast.


Small, unicellular organisms known as microorganisms are only visible under a microscope.

The term “microbes” refers to a wide variety of different living things with a wide range of sizes and properties. Some of these microorganisms include:

  • Bacteria
  • Protists
  • Fungi
  • Viruses
  • Archaea

There are both helpful and harmful microorganisms. Some bacteria can contaminate food and other things as well as lead to life-threatening infections and illnesses. Others are essential to maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystem.

The Usefulness of Microbes

  1. A fungus called Penicillium makes medicines similar to penicillin.
  2. Rhizobium aids in nitrogen fixation in the soil, raising the soil’s fertility.
  3. Bakeries employ yeast to make bread and cakes.
  4. Blue-green algae fix nitrogen in the environment.
  5. In the dairy industry, lactobacillus is used to set curd and make cheese.
  6. The breakdown of dead plant and animal remains is carried out by several microorganisms.
  7. Yeast and spirulina are utilised as single-cell proteins (superfood).
  8. Commercially, yeast is employed in the fermentation process that results in the manufacture of alcohol.
  9. To prepare and age cheese, microorganisms are used.
  10. Probiotics are certain microorganisms (maintain a healthy gut of the host).


Write 10 Lines on the Usefulness of Microorganisms in Our Lives

Penicillin is produced by microorganisms like penicillium. Rhizobium fixes nitrogen in the soil, thus enhancing the soil’s fertility. Yeast is used in bakeries to make bread and cakes.

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