What is Meant by a Substance?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

A substance is a matter having specific properties and composition. Every pure compound or element is a substance which cannot be separated with the help of physical methods.


  • “Matter with a specific composition and specific qualities is referred to be a substance.”
  • A substance is every pure element or pure compound.
  • No physical technique can separate a substance.
  • A pure substance’s composition and qualities are fixed.
  • Examples of substances include iron and sugar.

Properties of Substance

  • One condition of matter makes up a pure material.
  • It has a known mass, weight, and volume.
  • It is made up of molecules and/or atoms.

Any substance that occupies space and has mass is considered to be a kind of matter, which includes everything that exists on Earth. The substance is further broken down into other forms including solid, liquid, and gas. In addition to this, it is divided into two categories: pure substances and mixes.

An element is a substance that only contains one kind or class of atoms. An element is a pure material since it cannot be broken down or transformed by physical or chemical means. Metals, nonmetals, or metalloids make up the vast bulk of elements.

Contrarily, compounds are also pure substances when two or more elements are chemically united in a predetermined ratio. However, via chemical processes, these substances can be divided into individual components.


What is Meant by a Substance?

A substance is a stuff with particular makeup and qualities. Every pure combination or element is a substance that cannot be physically separated from another.

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