Why Does the Resistance of a Conductor Increase With an Increase in Temperature?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Resistance of conductor increase with temperature increase as the velocity of free charged particles present it in increases.


The obstruction to current flow in an electrical circuit is measured by resistance.


  1. The free-charged particles move more quickly as the conductor’s temperature rises. Additionally, as a result of the vibration’s amplitude being affected by the rising temperature, metallic atoms vibrate at a faster rate.
  2. As they attempt to pass through the metal, the free charge particles that carry the charge collide with the atoms more frequently. Additional resistance is put in the way of free electrons as a result of this event.
  3. Consequently, the resistance rises as the temperature does.

Factors affecting Electrical Resistance

The following variables affect a conductor’s electrical resistance:

  • The conductor’s cross-sectional area
  • the conductor’s length
  • the conductor’s composition
  • The conducting material’s temperature


Electric resistivity is represented by the symbol, which stands for electrical resistance supplied per unit length and unit cross-sectional area at a particular temperature. Particular electrical resistance is another name for electrical resistance. Electrical resistivity is measured in SI units of m. The equation for electrical resistivity is as follows:

ρ = E/J


  • ρ is the resistivity of the material in Ω.m
  • E is the electric field in V.m-1
  • J is the current density in A.m-2


Why Does the Resistance of a Conductor Increase With an Increase in Temperature?

As the velocity of the free charged particles present in the conductor rises with temperature, so does its resistance. The electrical resistivity can be found using the equation ρ = E/J where ρ is the resistivity of the material, E is the electric field and J is the current density

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