When Water is Added to Quicklime Rise in Temperature is Observed. This is an Example of _____ Reaction

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

When water is added to quicklime rise in temperature is observed. This is an example of exothermic reaction

Exothermic Reactions

  • An exothermic reaction is a chemical process in which heat is released.
  • After the molecules’ chemical link is broken, heat is produced.
  • The change in enthalpy (ΔH) in an exothermic reaction will be negative.

The net energy needed to start an exothermic reaction is therefore less than the net energy produced by the process, which makes sense. The net amount of heat energy that passes through a calorimeter, a device used to quantify the heat emitted by a chemical reaction, equals the opposite of the system’s total energy change.

The entire amount of energy in a given chemical system can be calculated, but it is very challenging to quantify. In its place, the change in energy (or enthalpy, represented by the symbol H) is measured. The following equation can be used to determine the relationship between the value of H and the bond energies of the reaction.

ΔH = (energy used in the bond formation that yields products) – (energy released when the reactant bonds are broken)

Consequently, it is clear that an exothermic reaction will always result in a negative change in enthalpy, or ΔH < 0.

The reaction of quicklime with water:

Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 is created when quick lime CaO combines with water H2O, coupled with the release of heat. As a result, it is regarded as an exothermic process.

This is one way to represent the chemical reaction:


Consequently, a rise in temperature is seen when quicklime is introduced to water. An illustration of an exothermic process is this.


When Water is Added to Quicklime Rise in Temperature is Observed. This is an Example of _____ Reaction

A temperature increase is seen when water is added to quicklime. Here is an illustration of an exothermic process.

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