Why Do Plant Cells Possess Large Sized Vacuole?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Plant cells have large sized vacuole in order to store water and food. As plants do not move freely like animals, large vacuoles are present as a reservoir.

Since plant cells must store food and water, they are known to contain larger vacuoles than animal cells. This is due to the fact that plants lack the freedom of movement that mammals do. Large vacuoles serve as a reserve for them in difficult situations.

Plant cells are eukaryotic cells that differ from those of other eukaryotic species in a number of key ways. Animal and plant cells both have a nucleus and comparable organelles. The existence of a cell wall outside the cell membrane is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a plant cell.

Types of Plant Cells

  • A more advanced and mature plant generates specialised cells that perform a variety of vital functions essential to their survival. While certain plant cells are in charge of moving water and nutrients, others are in charge of storing food.
  • Parenchyma, sclerenchyma, collenchyma, xylem, and phloem cells are among the specialised plant cells.

Functions of Plant Cells

  • The units of a plant are referred to as cells. Photosynthesis is mostly carried out by plant cells.
  • Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplasts of the plant cell. It is the process through which plants use water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to make food. Energy is released during the process when ATP is produced.
  • Water and nutrients are transported from the roots and leaves to various parts of the plants with the help of a small number of plant cells.


Why Do Plant Cells Possess Large Sized Vacuole?

Large vacuoles are found in plant cells where they are used to store food and water. Large vacuoles serve as a reservoir because plants cannot move as freely as animals can.

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