What is Adjective form of the Word ‘Star’?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

  1. Stars
  2. Star
  3. Starry
  4. Starical

The adjective form of the word ‘star’ is Starry

What is the Adjective for Star?

A term defining a noun’s attribute, such as red, sweet or technical, is known as an adjective.

Example – Brenda got an antique(adjective) vase which was filled with fragrant on her birthday

The adjective of ‘star’ is ‘starry’.

Example: It was a starry night. (starry- adjective which explains the noun ‘night’.)

An adjective is a part of speech which is used to explain or give information regarding a noun or pronoun which acts as the subject. These are found after verb or before noun which it modifies.

From the Cambridge Dictionary, an adjective is a word which describes a noun or pronoun. According to the Collins Dictionary an adjective is a word like ‘big’, ‘ dead’, or ‘ financial’ which explains a person or thing, or gives more information regarding them.

Three forms of adjectives of comparison are:

  • Positive or Absolute Form
  • Superlative Form
  • Comparative Form


Positive Degree of Comparison:

It is the form of the adjective which is used in its original form.

Example: This dress is excellent. It is used when there is no subject in comparison to it

Comparative Degree of Comparison

It is used when two subjects which perform the same action or possess the same quality are compared.

For example: The dress I purchased yesterday was more excellent than the one I purchased today.

Superlative Degree of Comparison

It is used while comparing the same quality of two subjects and to indicate that a subject is higher to two subjects in performance of an action.

Example: This novel is the interesting book that I have ever read.


What is Adjective form of the Word ‘Star’? 1. Stars 2. Star 3. Starry 4. Starical

Starry is the adjective form of the word ‘star’. Adjective is a word that explains more about a noun

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